Effective January 1, 2022, SNA has simplified its Continuing Education Unit (CEU) bundling policy to allow more flexibility for our members:

  • CEUs must be a minimum of 15 minutes to be accepted for credit for the SNA Certificate Program and SNS Credential renewal requirements.
  • Training sessions that are less than one hour are no longer required to be bundled within the same subtopic to reach one CEU to be accepted.

SNA still encourages one-hour training. For questions or additional information, contact SNA at certSNS@schoolnutrition.org.

The purpose of CEUs is to provide job-related professional development and growth experiences. Annual training (earning CEUs) is a requirement for both USDA Professional Standards and maintaining your Certificate in School Nutrition or SNS Credential.

  • CEUs MUST be a minimum of 15 minutes in length.
  • If audited, it will be necessary to submit documentation of 45 CEUs for the 3-year credentialing period. We suggest 15 CEUs per year for alignment with professional standards.
  • CEUs must fall under one of the four Key Areas
    1. Nutrition
    2. Operations
    3. Administration
    4. Communications and Marketing

Learn more about SNA’s Credentialing Program

SNA encourages you to participate in 1-hour trainings to earn CEUs for the Certificate Program. SNA is also aware of the challenges finding appropriate training, so SNA has recently updated the allowable CEU minimum for the Certificate Program.

  • A 15-minute Continuing Education Unit (CEU) = 0.25 CEUs of training for Professional Standards.
  • 1 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) = 1 hour of training for Professional Standards.
  • CEUs CANNOT date back further than five (5) years from the date you apply.
  • Renewal CEUs must be completed during the certificate year.
  • CEUs MUST be a minimum of 15 minutes in length.

Subtopic codes can be found in the USDA Professional Standards Learning Objectives, or the SNA Professional Standards Training Guidelines.

For more information on earning CEUs, see How to Earn Training Hours for Professional Standards.