Build your business and your brand through sponsorship opportunities with the School Nutrition Association.

Sponsoring SNA puts your brand front and center with current and future customers and reaffirms your dedication to the K-12 foodservice industry. 

SNA’s Industry Relations team is ready to work with you to create a profitable partnership and transform your ideas into marketing solutions that resonate with our members, achieve your objectives and connect our members with the valuable products and services you provide.

Sponsorship opportunities are available at multiple price points to fit your marketing budget. Contact Nita Artis, Senior Corporate Sales, Industry Success & Patron Program, for pricing information on the opportunities below. We look forward to assisting you in meeting your marketing goals.

Professional Development Sponsorships

SNA is the go-to resource for school nutrition professionals to earn their required professional standards training hours and to advance their careers through certificate and credentialing programs. Partnering with SNA on professional development opportunities increases your company’s credibility.


Webinars, which are free for members, offer expert knowledge on emerging issues and hot topics through live and on-demand options. School nutrition professionals come away with new ways to increase participation, better manage operations and share innovative techniques. Industry partners can sponsor up to three webinars.

Sponsorship of SNA webinars includes:

  • The sponsor’s logo on the course and registration page, at the beginning and end of each webinar and included in marketing materials. 
  • Marketing reach through various newsletter and social media channels, exceeding 35,000 members. 
  • The option of introducing the speakers on each webinar.  
  • Sponsor has the option to include up to two questions on the post-webinar survey. 
  • Detailed webinar analytics report approximately one month after the webinar.

DEIA Series — SOLD

SNA is committed to advancing diversity, equity, inclusion and access (DEIA) with clearly defined strategies for meaningful action. Sponsoring SNA’s DEIA Series shows your company’s commitment to and alignment with SNA’s values. 

Supply Chain Series — SOLD

School nutrition professionals and industry partners have jointly faced unprecedented supply chain challenges. Be part of the solution by supporting SNA’s efforts to educate, assist and overcome supply chain obstacles. 

SNA Campaign & Program Sponsorships

National School Lunch Week (October) — SOLD

The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) serves nearly 30 million children every school day. President John F. Kennedy created National School Lunch Week (NSLW) in 1962 to promote the importance of a healthy school lunch in a child’s life and the impact it has inside and outside of the classroom. To help its members celebrate, SNA develops resources such as toolkits, press releases, activity sheets and more, which your sponsorship helps support. 

National School Breakfast Week (March) — SOLD

National School Breakfast Week (NSBW) celebrates the importance of a nutritious school breakfast in fueling students for success. Each year, NSBW reminds parents and stakeholders that a healthy school breakfast helps ensure students’ academic success in school so they can “take off” and reach their goals. To help its members celebrate, SNA develops resources such as toolkits, press releases, activity sheets and more, which your sponsorship helps support. 


SNA's STEPS wellness program was created to help school nutrition professionals live healthier lives. A STEPS sponsorship supports the cost of the STEPS Strive to Thrive app, quarterly and monthly challenge prizes and more.

Food Allergy Resource Center — SOLD

Managing food allergies in K-12 cafeterias is of utmost importance to school nutrition professionals. By sponsoring SNA’s Food Allergy Resource Center, you help support vital resources and information for SNA members to keep students safe while eating nutritious school meals.

School Nutrition Foundation Sponsorships

The School Nutrition Foundation (SNF) is the charitable arm of SNA, offering a variety of educational resources, scholarships and training opportunities to school nutrition professionals who would otherwise not be able to attend SNA conferences and fee-based trainings. Multiple avenues exist for corporate sponsorships to play a key role. 

Grants and Scholarships

To date, SNF has awarded more than $2.5 million in scholarships and grants to deserving members. Learn more about SNF scholarships and the expanding 2022 Equipment Grant program. 

Equipment Grants

Equipment was the number one purchase SNA members made with emergency feeding grants they received from SNF during the pandemic. Take advantage of the opportunity to show your support and contribute essential equipment from your company. 

As an added bonus, SNF will be conducting research on the state of equipment needs in school nutrition programs and your company will have proprietary rights to the results from this research in addition to all of the other promotion and marketing that SNF will provide your company. 

Learn more about SNF equipment grants.

Conference Scholarships

Attending a national conference can be both career and life changing for SNA members which is why SNF provides scholarships to attend SNIC, LAC and ANC. Make a difference—sponsor an SNA Conference Scholarship today

View conference scholarships sponsor benefits.  View ANC First Timers sponsor benefits.  

Professional Development Named Scholarship

Help make education dreams come true for SNA members by creating a professional development scholarship in your company’s name or to honor someone who has made a tremendous impact in the school nutrition profession! These scholarships provide funding for tuition and books for the following school year.  View sponsor benefits.