The School Nutrition Association (SNA) is the strong organization it is today because of members like you who recognize the value of SNA membership and the benefits it provides to your career, your school nutrition programs and the children you serve. You can help build the future of SNA by recruiting new members and retaining existing members. In recognition of your recruiting and retention efforts you will become part of SNA’s exclusive Star Club!

How Does SNA’s Star Club Work?

The Star Club is SNA’s way of recognizing and thanking members who recruit and retain SNA members. Each time a new member writes your name in the referral section of the membership application form you receive one credit, plus you get an additional credit every year they renew. Credits don’t expire, so once you have three credits you become a Star Club Member for as long as you are an active SNA National member.

How Star Club Credits Grow

You accumulate credits when you recruit new members and get them to renew each year. For example if you recruit 3 members this year, get all 3 to renew next year and recruit 4 more new members, you will have 10 credits in two years and become a Bronze Star.

Star Club Levels

Level Star Club Credits
Star Club Member 3
Bronze Star 10
Silver Star 50
Gold Star 100
Platinum Star 150
Diamond Star 250

Star Club Recognition

As a member of SNA’s Star Club, you will be recognized for your hard work and recruiting efforts throughout the year and at SNA meetings, including special recognition at the Annual National Conference. In addition, you will also receive a gift of appreciation each time you reach the next Star Club level.

Diamond Stars

SNA would like to congratulate and specially recognize the members that have earned 250 (or more) Star Club credits for recruiting and retaining SNA members.

For SNA State Associations

State associations are critical to ensuring that Star Club members are recognized for their efforts. For more information on how your state association can promote Star Club and recognize your Star Club members, click here.

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Additional Star Club Resources

Click here for a detailed guide on viewing your Star Club credits in My Account.

Promote Star Club and recognize your Star Club members.

For questions or more information about the SNA Star Club, please refer to the Star Club FAQs or contact the SNA Service Center at (800) 877-8822 or