SNA has continued to advocate for school meals at no cost for all students, as part of the 2023 Position Paper

In May of this year, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) introduced the Universal School Meals Program Act,” providing breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack to all students at no cost. The bill revives the success of meals at no cost provided during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since May, the Program has collected over 100 co-sponsors in both the House and the Senate 

SNA has joined 18 allied organizations to form the Healthy School Meals for All Coalition and continue supporting these efforts. We are working to build support for nationwide school breakfast and lunch at no cost.  

Currently, eight states have permanently enacted healthy school meals for all programs, and one has implemented the program through the end of this school year. 24 states are actively considering meals for all legislation. You can read more about these state bills in SNA’s Third Quarter State Legislative Report. State support for free school meals is rising but a federal solution is critical.  

SNA gives members the opportunity to reach out to their legislators and do their part to see to it that this legislation is passed. With so many competing priorities, it is important that Congress hears from you that this is a key issue and that they must take prompt action. 

Go to SNA’s Action Network and send an editable, pre-populated email to legislators, urging them to support the bills or thanking them if they already have. It is vital that Congress hears from our members that there is widespread support behind these bills, take action today.

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