Are you ready to press play on National School Lunch Week (#NSLW23)? It’s time to start planning to make this year’s theme, “Level Up with School Lunch,” an epic celebration in your cafeteria! To help you embark on this adventure, SNA has unveiled a treasure trove of resources that will supercharge your #NSLW23 festivities:

  • Official #NSLW23 Toolkit: For SNA members’ eyes only, the official #NSLW23 toolkit is your go-to resource for preparing a fantastic #NSLW23 celebration. This comprehensive guide includes valuable information, tips, and tools to help you navigate the week’s festivities seamlessly.
  • Coloring Sheets & Activity Guide: Get ready to help students power up their creativity during #NSLW23 with these printable activity and coloring sheets (Spanish translation coming soon).
  • #NSLW23 Merch in the SNA Shop: Browse the official #NSLW23 shop to discover a wide array of themed merchandise that will complement your school’s celebrations. Order by September 18 to ensure the best selection and on-time delivery.
  • Infographic: Available in both English and Spanish, the infographic showcases the positive impact that school lunch has on students’ health and academic success.
  • #NSLW23 Pinterest Ideas Board: Introducing our brand-new SNA Pinterest page, with a board dedicated to #NSLW23 celebration ideas! Whether you’re looking for themed decoration concepts, delicious school lunch recipes, engaging activities, or interactive games, our Pinterest page has you covered. Join us on Pinterest and start crafting your perfect NSLW experience today!
  • Digital Meeting Backgrounds: These digital backgrounds, available in English and Spanish, are a fun way to visually express your support for National School Lunch Week during your meetings.
  • Social Media Graphics: Use the official #NSLW23 social media graphics to help you promote your upcoming celebration and engage your audience.
  • Customizable Press Release: Download SNA’s customizable press release to inform local media and announce National School Lunch Week in your city or town.
  • Sample Proclamation: Make #NSLW23 official by customizing SNA’s sample proclamation with your school or district details.
  • Official NSLW23 Logos & Artwork: You can access the official 2023 National School Lunch Week logos and elements, available in both English and Spanish. See the disclaimer for usage rights.

With SNA’s resources, we know you’ll make this #NSLW23 unforgettable, engaging, and impactful week for each student. Get ready to “Level Up with School Lunch” and embark on a gaming-inspired journey of flavor and creativity during #NSLW23!

#NSLW23 resources are supported by Kellogg’s.

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