Keep up with your professional development on your own time. SNA’s Education Modules are a great choice for school nutrition professionals looking for a different style of learning than the traditional webinar. Both interactive and self-paced, they typically consist of multiple modules consisting of multiple hours of learning, with post-module quizzes, interactive activities, self-assessments and more!

Check out a few of our featured education modules available for purchase:

What Should You Do? Ethical Decision-Making in School Nutrition: This introductory-level course has been designed to reinforce the importance of ethics and the factors of ethical decision-making, helping school nutrition professionals learn to recognize and address ethical dilemmas in the workplace in an interactive and fun way. As you work through the course you will interact with the training through fun activities, a case study, a self-assessment and a video.

  • CEUs: 0
  • Cost: $15-$40 (For discounted District Bundles, click here.)

Culinary Skills Training: Join members of SNA’s Chef Task Force as they demonstrate critical culinary skills. This course consists of three 20-minute training modules: “Knife Skills for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables,” “Understanding Weights and Measures” and “Calibrating and Using Thermometers.”

  • CEUs: 0
  • Cost: $45-$150 (For discounted District Bundles, click here.)

Dollars & Cents of Financial Management: This series provides training materials on five different financial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for you to offer this training to your staff. The KPIs included in the Series are Analyzing Participation Data (ADP), Meal Equivalent Conversions (MEQ), Meals Per Labor Hour (MPLH), Cost to Produce a Meal (CPM) and Break-even Point Analysis (BEP).

  • CEUs:5 (1 CEU per module)
  • Cost: $199-$399
  • Note: This training is not intended for state conferences.

What’s Your Learning Style?: Learning styles refer to the multiple theories that account for the different ways people learn and process information. When you know your preferred learning style(s), you can better understand the type of learning that works best for you. This assessment consists of 20 questions and provides you with a score in each of the three learning styles at the conclusion. You will also receive printable handouts about the three learning styles.

Stay engaged and learn on your own time! Check out SNA’s robust library of live webinars, on-demand courses, self-paced training and more education modules available in the Training Zone!

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