You Are Not Alone

Learn how SNA is working to support its members as they prepare for another stressful school year.

With one tough school year following another and another, you can be forgiven if you are feeling a little beat up and unenthusiastic about SY2022-23. As forecast in “Riding Out the Storm” (page 46), the K-12 school nutrition segment is facing the same supply chain and labor shortages of this last year, along with rising prices and the likely loss of pandemic waivers that offered regulatory flexibility, including universal-free meals and higher reimbursements. Take a deep breath, read this month’s Onsite Insights on ways to “rest, refresh and reenergize” and know that SNA has your back!

SNA is committed to supporting you through these difficult times by providing a wide array of services and resources. Take a look at our current work in three areas: advocacy, professional development and public awareness/marketing...

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