We See You

A salute to the school nutrition team members who work behind the scenes.

They may do their work largely out of sight, but the clerks, accountants, delivery drivers, maintenance crews, warehouse staff, central kitchen cooks, administrative assistants, tech specialists and other school nutrition team members who rarely see the students they serve are just as passionate about how their work contributes to the health and success of those children as those who work in the schools. Cafeteria staff are often considered the unsung heroes of a school, making these behind-the-scenes staffers the unsung of the unsung! But within their departments—and in the eyes of SNA and School Nutrition—they may be out of sight, but their work is far from invisible.

For more than a decade, School Lunch Hero Day each May has provided an opportunity for an inclusive celebration of the entire school foodservice team, but in many communities, it’s the front-line staff who get the lion’s share of the gratitude and attention from students, parents and teachers. As we usher in the start of another new school year, School Nutrition is highlighting nine individuals who represent thousands of their peers across the country—thousands who will be instrumental in supporting a shared mission to provide healthy, delicious meals to students throughout SY2023-24...