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Maximize your use of free online tools to improve administrative efficiencies.

No one likes paperwork, especially when its management consumes a significant portion of the day. And with all the documentation required to operate and administer federal school meal programs, it can be quite overwhelming! To get a better handle on this oppressive workload, Travis Folmar, Site Supervisor, Elementary Schools, State College Area (Pa.) Schools Food Service, has turned to Google for solutions. From website templates to online form creation, the free tools available from Google have helped Folmar to streamline various documentation and reporting tasks, while reducing the literal amount of paper that moves from desk to desk to file cabinet to closet.

The tipping point for Folmar was his frustration with the sheer number of binders he had littering his workspace. Countless collections of forms, guidance memos and production records were sitting around waiting for someone to come and ask about them. Maybe it was sufficient recordkeeping for the periodic Administrative Review, but it certainly didn’t provide for efficient, data-driven decision-making...