Training Techniques for Adult Learners

SNA recognizes that training staff is not without its challenges. You are tasked with training different types of learners and this can often be difficult. Your learners all bring something to the table but how to you leverage that? How do you meet the needs of your learners in the time that you have to train? SNA has pooled a few resources that can assist you as you prepare to train your staff.

SNA’s Guide to Developing Training for Adult Learners

A great way to get started is to review SNA’s Guide to Developing Training for Adult Learners. This guide provides you with insight into training your adult learners along with practical trainer tips that you can use as you prepare your training.

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Learning Styles Assessment

In tandem to the SN Magazine's June/July 2016 article, "What’s Your Learning Style," we have created a quick online assessment to help you identify your own personal learning style. Keep in mind that we don’t all learn in the same way and your learning style is likely comprised of a blend of more than one style. While there are multiple styles of learning, this assessment focuses on the three main styles, Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. Upon completion of the assessment you will be provided with instant results, an explanation of your primary style along with helpful tips. We hope you have fun answering the assessment questions and receiving your results.

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SNA’s Adult Learning Webinars

Training the Trainer: Practical Tips for Training Adult Learners

In this webinar participants discovered the different learning styles of adult learners and how to engage your audience to provide them with a valuable training experience. Watch this webinar to walk away with actionable methods of improving your school nutrition training efforts.

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Other Resources

Helpful Tips for Training Your Multigenerational Staff

Today’s school nutrition professionals are comprised of varying generations. It can often be challenging to find common ground when training four (and very soon five) different generations. All have different values, motivators and learning styles. We all view the world through our generational filter and as you know what works for one person may not work for another. Thinking about training for different generations, different motivators and different learning styles may make your head spin! Yet training must take place and must also be effective. This webinar will provide insight to help you understand the differences of the varying generations, what motivates them, and how to successfully engage them in a training environment.

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Other Resources

ICN: Adult Learning Online Module

The Institute of Child Nutrition’s Adult Learning is designed to be a supplemental online course to the Foundations of Training Excellence Master Trainer face-to-face course. The purpose of this course is to enhance the trainers' ability to actively engage trainees in training for improved learning and improved job performance.

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