The Dining Guide for Meals in the Classroom is designed to help you easily communicate your district procedures for serving meals in the classroom (MIC) to key stakeholders within their school community. MIC could refer to breakfast, lunch, supper and/or snacks.

As schools reopen following COVID-19 closures, districts will utilize different scenarios for feeding students. We have developed a suite of resources to help school nutrition professionals communicate with all stakeholders plans and procedures for eating in the classroom. Please note: This guide is not intended to provide guidance or training for school nutrition department staff.

To use this guide most effectively, already have your plans and policies in place. Each template is an editable Word document where you can customize and adjust as needed for sharing with the intended stakeholder group.

Template Resources:

Instructions and FAQs

Resources for Educators

Resources for Health Professionals/School Nurse

Resources for Principals

Resources for Front Office Staff

Resources for Custodial Staff

Resources for Paraprofessional Staff

Resources for Families

Video Library

Additional Resources



Dining Guide for Meals in the Classroom was created with inspiration and support from many School Nutrition Association staff, board and members. A small group of school nutrition leaders were especially valuable in sharing their time, expertise and perspective:

  • Lori Adkins, MS, SNS, Child Nutrition Consultant, Oakland Schools, Michigan
  • Dan Ellnor, C.P.-F.S., BA, SNS, Assistant Director, Nutrition Service Center, Jefferson County Public Schools, Kentucky
  • Dr. Robert S. Lewis, SNS, Chief Executive Officer, Santa Clarita Valley School Food Services Agency, California
  • Karen Luna, Director, Nutrition Services, Santa Clara Unified School District, California
  • Courtney Morabito, MBA, DTR, SNS, Supervisor of Operations, Student Dining Services, Cincinnati Public Schools, Ohio
  • Kristin Morello, SNS, District Manager, Sodexo, Tewksbury, Massachusetts
  • Jeanne Reilly, NDTR, SNS, Director of School Nutrition, Windham Raymond School Department, Maine
  • Timikel Sharpe, MS, Executive Director of School Nutrition, Bibb County School District, Georgia
  • Jessica Shelly, MBA, SNS, REHS, RS, Director of Student Dining Services, Cincinnati Public Schools, Ohio

This project was supported by the School Nutrition Foundation and Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom (Food Research and Action Center, National Association of Elementary School Principals Foundation, the NEA Foundation, and School Nutrition Foundation) with generous funding from the Walmart Foundation.


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