Nancy Ann Padrone (MA, RDN, CDN, SNS) is currently the Director of Food and Nutrition for the Babylon School District, Long Island, NY. As a registered dietitian and child nutrition advocate, she has over 20 years’ experience in improving nutrition for children while operating School Breakfast, Lunch and Snack Programs. Having administered the service over millions of meals, Nancy has championed Breakfast in the Classroom programs, assisted in FUTP 60, Farm to School initiatives and introduced many new nutrition initiatives in child nutrition programs. As a consultant trainer for the Institute of Child Nutrition and a Master Instructor for NYS CNP, she delivers the message of the importance of great nutrition for great success. She has a BS degree from Syracuse University and a MA degree from NYU. Nancy also holds a Professional Diploma in School Business Administration from LIU. Her passion for nutrition, cooking, food safety and health is evident in her accomplishments.

Nancy Ann Padrone

Nancy Ann Padrone, MA, RDN, CDN, SNS