Dan Ellnor is passionate about reacquainting people with their food. He has served in multiple roles at the state and national level within the School Nutrition Association prior to being elected as an At-Large Director. As Assistant Director in Jefferson County Public Schools, he has taken the lead in bringing more clean, local, sustainable foods to the district.

Areas of Business Responsible For: Nutrition Services.

What Do You Bring to the Role: I’m a dynamic leader, speaker and innovator with more than 20 years of leadership experience.

Education: Indiana University

Other Memberships or Affiliations: Kansas State University Center for Food Safety in Child Nutrition board member; International Food Manufacturers Association K-12 Advisory Board member.

What You Do in Your Free Time: I’m an Eagle Scout and community volunteer.


Daniel Ellnor, CP-FS, SNS


Assistant Director

Jefferson County Public Schools, KY