Volume 38, Issue 1, Spring 2014

The Journal of Child Nutrition & Management

A Publication of the School Nutrition Association

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Volume 38, Issue 1, Spring 2014 

Editor’s Note


Analysis of School Food Safety Programs Based on HACCP Principles
Kevin R. Roberts, PhD; Kevin Sauer, PhD, RD; Jeannie Sneed, PhD, RD; Junehee Kwon, PhD, RD; David Olds, PhD; Kerri Cole; Carol Shanklin, PhD, RD

A Focus Group Study of Child Nutrition Professionals’ Attitudes about Food Allergies and Current Training Practices
Yee Ming Lee, PhD; Junehee Kwon, PhD, RD; Kevin Sauer, PhD, RD, LD

School Foodservice Employee’s Perceptions of Food Safety Practices, Barriers, and Motivations: Differences by Generational Age and Hours Worked
Catherine Strohbehn, PhD, RD; Jinhyun Jun; Susan Arendt, PhD, RD

Quantitative Evaluation of HHFKA Nutrition Standards for School Lunch Servings and Patterns of Consumption
Roger M. Echon, PhD

Plate Waste and Attitudes among High School Lunch Program Participants
Jessica Haas, MA; Leslie Cunningham-Sabo, PhD, RD; Garry Auld, PhD, RD

When Fruits and Vegetables Are Optional, Elementary School Children Choose Processed over Whole Offerings
Sarah A. Amin, MPH; Bethany A. Yon, PhD; Jennifer C. Taylor, MS; Rachel K. Johnson, PhD, MPH, RD, FAHA

In-Classroom Fruit and Vegetable Tastings Offer Potential for Increasing Consumption among Third through Sixth Grade Children
Sherri M. Cirignano, MS, RD, LDN; Nurgul Fitzgerald, PhD, RD; Luanne J. Hughes, MS, RD, LDN; LeeAnne Savoca, MS, RD; Kathleen Morgan, DrMH, DTR; Alexandra Grenci, MS. RD, LDN, CDE

School Personnel’s Knowledge and Perceptions of School Wellness Policy Implementation: A Case Study
Diane Harriger, PhD; Wenhua Lu, MA, MS; E. Lisako McKyer, PhD, MPH; B. Pruitt, EdD; Corliss Outley, PhD; Christine Tisone, PhD; Sharon L. McWhinney, RD, LD

Consumer Support for Policies to Reduce the Sodium Content in School Cafeterias
Sheena M. Patel, MPH; Janelle P. Gunn, MPH; Caitlin L. Lerlo, MPH; Xin Ton, MPH; Mary E. Cogswell, DPH


Introducing Preschool Children to Novel Fruits and Vegetables: A Pilot Study
D.L. Tande, PhD, RD, LRD; B.S. Niemeier, PhD; J.H. Hwang, PhD; S. Stastny, PhD, RD, CSSD, LRD; N. Bezbaruah, PhD; J.M. Hektner, PhD; D. Habedank, MS


Primary School Nutrition and Tuck Shops in Hhoho, Swaziland
Janet Wojcicki, PhD, MPH; Deena Elwan, BA


Summary of Research
John R. Endahl, PhD; Melissa Abelev, PhD

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