State Association Membership Awards

Each year, SNA recognizes state associations for increasing membership, attaining the membership goals determined by SNA, and achieving the greatest increase in membership amongst state associations. Certificates will be awarded to the State President at the State Awards Ceremony at SNA’s Annual National Conference (ANC). Cash prizes will be mailed as checks to the state association after ANC. Each state association will only be given one of the below three awards.  

Increasing Membership Award

Each state which increases its membership over the previous May 31 year end numbers will be awarded $2 per every increase in members to a maximum of $200. The Increasing Membership Award is only given to states which increased membership but did not meet the requirements for the Membership Goal or Member Division Champion Awards.

Membership Goal Award

Each state which meets its membership goal for the year (as determined by SNA headquarters) will be awarded $300. The current goal is a 1% increase in membership. 

Membership Division Champions

This award is given to the two state associations in each member division which have increased membership over the past year by the largest number of members and the largest percentage of members.

Division membership will be based on May 31 membership numbers of the previous year. The divisions are as follows:

  • 1 to 600 members
  • 601 to 1,200 members
  • 1,201+ members

In the event that a single state has the largest number increase and the largest percentage increase in a division, the state in that division having the second largest percentage increase will receive the second award. Starting in June 2020, State Affliates must have reached their annual membership goal to be eligible for the Membership Division Champion Award.

Each Member Division Champion winner will be awarded $500.

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