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SNIC-2022-Tabletop-ShowcaseEngage in meaningful dialogue with top industry professionals at three one-hour Innovative Solution Sessions on Sunday, January 16 and Monday, January 17. During these sessions, 12 organizations will share their school nutrition expertise, showcase products and obtain valuable feedback. Operators will be introduced to new trends and innovative products on the market today that are designed to improve the success of school nutrition programs.  

Sunday, January 16, 10:30 am-11:30 am 

Cool Tropics
The Power of Food: Connecting Parents, Students and the Community
This interactive session explores strategies to strengthen parent knowledge and engagement with school foodservice. The key drivers in this session will be to introduce you to accessible and continuous nutrition education resources and strategies to promote school nutrition initiatives. Participants will be able to share ideas to leverage industry resources and elevate communication with parents, students and the community. Takeaways will include an achievable action plan of methodologies to manage expectations and measure program engagement. as well as methods to promote school lunch initiatives through social media, health fairs, school gardens, farm to school and other marketing efforts. The session’s main objective is to demonstrate the tremendous impact food has on people, and how school nutrition programs can educate parents, students and the community about the importance of nutritious food. 

Turning Lemons into Lemonade: Exploring the Innovations Inspired by COVID-19
Albert Einstein once said, “In the midst of every crisis comes great opportunity.” The need to feed students in and out of the cafeteria has inspired the development of technical solutions that supported many school districts throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so post-COVID and beyond. In this panel discussion, industry experts come together to share pandemic experiences and explore how technology solutions helped expand resources in safety, accountability, and alternative revenue. As we start to see our way out of this crisis, the panel will continue the conversation by offering the audience a chance to share their thoughts on what tech opportunities still exist that will help take their programs to the next level. 

Schwan’s Food Service
Benefits of Breakfast
Providing students with a healthy breakfast is a valuable tool to boost academic performance and reduce behavioral problems (Source: Food Research & Action Center). While school breakfast comes with many benefits, schools across the country are also facing increasing roadblocks given the labor-challenged environment. This session will share best practices to efficiently provide breakfast to students given the challenging environment so your students can reap the benefits of breakfast in schools. Additionally, we will share some innovative new products that are focused on breakfast. 

Combi Oven Technology
Join us to understand how combi oven technology will improve and simplify your cooking operation, including freeing up your staff for other student-facing tasks. In this session, you will learn how to make the transition from other cooking equipment to combi ovens easy for your staff. Plus, enjoy a sneak peek of Vulcan’s new self-cleaning TCM Combi Oven. 

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Sunday, January 16, 1:30 pm-2:30 pm 

Imaginate Your Space (formerly 
Lunchroom Designs
Join us for a jam-packed session to say good-bye to boring lunchrooms, toss the sticky tape, abandon whiteboards and say “hello” to Punch Art Graphics. Tacey Martinek, a creative re-imaginator of spaces, will deep-dive into the famous Crystal Ball Service and introduce fun and exciting design strategies to achieve a full/partial/one-wall Lunchroom Designs. Let’s Re-Imaginate your space…together. 

LTI, Inc
Food Serving Solutions for Today’s K-12 Challenges: Minor Enhancements. Major Impact.
Make your equipment work for you instead of the other way around. In this session, you will see how choosing the right counters and technology can give you the flexibility and menu versatility today’s students demand. We will share case studies of how your peers are utilizing everything from equipment and serving technology to signs and décor to get the students into the cafeteria and keep them there. Learn how minor enhancements can make an enormous impact that will increase student participation. 

The Mushroom Council
Mushrooms in Schools
Join Mushrooms in Schools’ session to enhance your students' plates— and your food budget —with nutrient-packed mushrooms. From procuring local mushrooms to serving flavorful entrées, we will be providing resources, tips and tricks for easily adding mushrooms to your menu lineup. 

Titan-A LINQ Solution
Software Solutions to Make Your Operation Stronger
Ordering and forecasting has long been a challenge for school districts when it comes to completing annual Commodity Surveys. Once surveys are complete, additional challenges arise regarding when deliveries will arrive, routing deliveries to processors and keeping track of warehouse levels when products are stored at “outside” warehouses. Join us to see how LINQ’s software solutions will resolve this and additional challenges in the current Food Distribution Program. 

Monday, January 17, 11:00 am-12:00 pm 

Elior North America (K-12 by Elinor)
Reinventing K-12 Meal Service for Today and Tomorrow
School nutrition is changing due to so many variables — staffing, supply chain, pandemic protocols and community expectations. Learn about our vended meal programs and hear from three operators who will share their experiences with maximizing a vended meal program. With extensive production facilities, volume buying strength and knowledgeable professional staff, Elior North America is ready to learn about your creative ideas and deliver individual meal components that meet your child nutrition program needs. 

E S Foods 
A New Product Solution from ES Foods: Simple Choice Meals
E S Foods’ Simple Choice Meals are perfect options for Offer Versus Serve school lunches and we will show you how these meals can easily be added to your program’s menus. Additionally, our brand-new Turnovers are an original concept that is ideal as center-of-plate entrées. Discover how these two very different product lines are designed to help school foodservice operators in both the long and short term. 

InTEAM Associates
How Will the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) Simplify Your Work?
What can you do with a single spreadsheet from your distributor or current software provider? With GDSN standardized data integrated in CN Central’s comprehensive software, just about everything. Learn about GDSN’s industry standard technology protocols for accurate product information to generate more timely and accurate forecasts to share with distributors and other supply chain partners. With easy upload, intuitive process flow, smart search capability, see how clean data created from your current system flows seamlessly through menu planning, production records, inventory control, forecasting, ordering, and mobile apps using our GDSN database of 185,000 items. 

ITW Food Warming Equipment (Hobart)
Reusable Tray Programs
As schools across the country deal with unprecedented supply chain and labor shortage issues, the commercial dishmachine can be the unlikely hero in your kitchen by removing the need for disposable trays while saving your staff time from hand washing dishes. Learn about the benefits of a reusable tray program, in addition to the labor savings associated with switching from a 3-compartment sink to an automated dishmachine. 

Networking Lunch & Tabletop Showcase 
On Monday, January 17, enjoy lunch with your peers and then mingle and network while visiting tabletop displays placed around the room. Operators will have the opportunity to view a variety of displays to pinpoint those cutting-edge products and programs that will take their school foodservice operations to the next level. Industry representatives from participating organizations will join operators for lunch and then showcase their products, meet and answer questions, obtain feedback about their product or service and generate quality leads. 

2022 Tabletop Showcase Participants

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