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Wish you had a crystal ball? Here is the next best thing: Get ready for three days of unparalleled learning for school nutrition operators and industry partners. Whether you’re new to the School Nutrition Industry Conference (SNIC) or a seasoned attendee, this year’s SNIC 2019 in Austin, promises to provide you with innovative approaches to help you build the future of school nutrition.

Speaker Spotlight

SNA is excited to introduce a few of this year’s speakers; learn more about these business experts who will share their knowledge with #SNIC19 attendees. Click on each profile to learn more.

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Education Sessions

Monday, January 14, 10:00 am-11:00 am

Aligning Your Procurement Needs With the District’s Purchasing Practices
Moderator Angela Olige
Panelists: Becky Domokos Bays, PhD, RD, SNS; Elaine Harris; Andrea Philyaw, CPPB, PMP; Dan Witkowski
A school district’s procurement team is typically responsible for purchasing desks and books—and the foods, supplies, equipment, etc. used by the cafeteria. But do these school business officials really understand the complex rules required by the National School Lunch Program? Learn how to team up with district procurement representatives to align their practices with your school nutrition needs. You’ll walk away with a new resource and ideas to help these colleagues understand the nuances of school nutrition.

Navigating the Changing World of Healthy Eating
Speaker: Maeve Webster
Maeve Webster returns to the podium for a deep dive into the growing awareness and appreciation for wellness and health messages among younger consumers. This session will discuss the evolution of “healthy” definitions, which have morphed into the current focus on functional foods and clean labels. And what’s next? Webster will offer predictions on how health and wellness will impact eating behaviors in the future—and the implications for school nutrition.

Creative Ways to Engage Your School Community
Speaker: Ryan Cengel, MS, MA, RD, LDN, CPT, SNS
Everyone knows that school nutrition success hinges on integration throughout the school community. But there can be a wide gap between knowing this and making it happen! Austin ISD, our “host” school district, offers a terrific model for leveraging relationships with teachers and administrators to develop a wide variety of engagement activities. From classroom demos to student chef competitions, kids regularly get a “taste” of school nutrition far beyond the cafeteria walls. Come let Austin ISD's innovations serve as your inspiration. This session is repeated at 2:45-4:00 pm, see below.

LIVE from Austin: It’s TIPS for School Meals That Rock
Speakers: Dayle Hayes, MS, RD; and Jeanne Reilly, DTR/I, SNS
Wow!—4,000+ participants in six months! The phenomenal success of the TIPS for School Meals That Rock Facebook forum demonstrates the incredible value of online networking to share school nutrition success strategies. In this interactive, LIVE roundtable session, attendees will problem solve together in person—and with participants online! Come immerse yourself in a collaborative “School Nutrition Think Tank” and, in the process, learn how best to take advantage of such social forums back home. This session is repeated at 2:45-4:00 pm, see below.

Procurement Ethics – What Should You Do?
Speakers: Lynn Harvey, Ed.D, RDN, SNS; Sandy Curwood; PhD, RDN
Back by popular demand! Procurement ethics are among the most challenging in the school nutrition business. Hear guidance from two state agency directors in this facilitated session, where you’ll review scenarios that present thorny ethical dilemmas, discuss what the law requires and brainstorm possible approaches forward (part of SNA’s School Nutrition Ethics: What Should You Do? conference and online programming). This session features all-new case studies for #SNIC19!

Monday, January 14, 2:45 pm-4:00 pm

Environmental Hot Buttons—What’s Ahead for School Nutrition?
Moderator: Jean Ronnei, SNS
Panelists: Tiffany Curran, MS, MPH, RD, LD; Anneliese Tanner; Beth Wallace, MBA, SNS

From community bans of plastic straws to the perennial debate over disposable trays, school nutrition teams can expect continued pressure from different stakeholders regarding a whole host of environmental issues. But labor shortages, health department regulations and conflicting advocacy positions can complicate well-intended goals and mandates. Join this panel discussion about sustainable practices from across the country and learn what’s ahead for school nutrition.

Procurement Woes: A Case Study
Speakers: Tim Goossens, SNS; Amanda Venezia, SNS
It’s bid opening day! Countless hours have been invested in spec’ing items, coordinating alternates, answering questions and overall stressing. Then the unthinkable happens. Directors leading a brand-new school nutrition buying group share hard lessons learned in the process of issuing their first bid. Come hear what they did right, what they’ll improve next time and how the changing world of procurement continues to affect how we will all do business in the future.

Creative Ways to Engage Your School Community (Repeat)
Check above for speaker information and description.

LIVE from Austin: It’s TIPS for School Meals That Rock (Repeat)
Check above for speaker information and description.

Procurement Ethics – What Should You Do? (Repeat)
Check above for speaker information and description.

Ideas@Work Sessions

Tuesday, January 15, 8:45 am-9:15 am
Tuesday, January 15, 9:30 am-10:00 am

These fast-paced, 30-minute sessions are focused on singular innovations and presented by the school nutrition operators who created them. Speakers will trace the path of a big idea from concept to implementation, identifying the steps required to put the idea to work in your district’s schools. This year, the Ideas@Work sessions are focused on innovative service models. Sponsored by Tyson Foods.

A Frothy Idea! Coffee Shops Go Viral
Speaker: Paul Becker, RD, LD
How can your program compete with that #!@* java place? Steam up your a la carte sales with an in-school coffee kiosk. One director will share what does and doesn’t work in terms of menu mix, equipment, stakeholder soothing, marketing strategies and, of course, barista terminology. Come smell the coffee and see what your district is missing.

Get on Board! Starting a Food Truck
Speakers: Kelli Cook; Linette Dodson PhD, RD, LD, SNS
Ready to roll your way into the hearts and minds of your school community? Discover how a small Georgia district used a food truck to gain greater participation, awareness and acceptance among students and other stakeholders. Buckle up for a mad dash through purchasing, funding, menus, staffing and more implementation strategies.

The Math of Scratch
Speaker: Adam Russo
Fresh ingredients + trained labor + the “right” equipment = scratch-based school menus that are popular with kids and parents alike. But will it all add up for you? One district director takes you through the numbers of developing a financially successful back-to-scratch school meal program.

School Lunch: Family-Style!
Speaker: Christine Steenport
Wouldn’t it be nice if school lunch was more like a traditional family meal experience? Learn how host district Austin ISD has successfully piloted a “family-style” lunch service in its elementary schools. Come explore the benefits, challenges and innovative opportunities linked with this uncommon approach designed to reduce cafeteria chaos.

Sizzling Summer Fun With Summer Feeding
Speaker: Donnette Worthy, SNS
The concept of feeding hungry kids when school is out is a no-brainer. The practicalities of doing so? That’s another thing. How can you be a summer feeding innovator in your community and reach more kids with the meals they need? One director shares her secrets to launching and expanding a successful summer feeding program.

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