Innovative Solution Sessions & Tabletop Displays

Innovative Solution Sessions

Engage in meaningful dialogue with top industry professionals at three one-hour Innovative Solution Sessions on Sunday, January 21 and Monday, January 22. This is an opportunity for industry members to showcase products to key decision makers, share more about the solutions they provide and obtain valuable feedback. Simultaneously, operators will be introduced to relevant products on the market today; in multiple categories: food, beverage, supplies, services, technology and equipment.

Sunday, January 21, 11:00 am-12:00 pm

Bush’s Best Beans
Room: Studio 2
Contact: Ben Carpenter

Beans are an amazing super food. This session will explore different and innovative ways to utilize beans to create healthier versions of kids’ favorites, power-up your sides and Smart Snacks or add mighty menu items with less prep required, all without sacrificing taste. From providing health benefits, to improving sustainability, to creating menu versatility, join us to learn how beans are a menu hero.

Jennie-O Turkey Store
Room: Studio 4
Contact: Meranda Lelonek

There is still a great deal of confusion regarding label claims like All Natural, No Antibiotics Ever, Clean Label, Organic and more. What do they mean and what impact do they have on raising and processing poultry and the health benefits of these foods products? Join this session to gain a better understanding of how this impacts school meals.

Room: Studio 7
Contact: Kelly Grzyb

Americans are told they eat too much meat and experts are recommending more plant-based meals. From Meatless Mondays to Vegan Before 6 to Flexitarian—a significant percentage of consumers—led by Millenials and GenZ—are changing their diets to be more plant-focused for a variety of reasons. But are plant based proteins nutritious and safe for growing children? This session will explore the growing trend of plant based diets and examine nutritional adequacy in K-12 as well as visualize enticing ways to prepare veggie cuisine.

Premier Inc.
Room: Studio 6
Contact: Stacy Lofton

The magic of procurement begins with knowledge. Join Premier Inc., for a collaborative session “The Story of Savings: How Group Purchasing fits into a Portfolio of Solutions for Compliant Procurement” with a sampling of four essential ingredients – fair, open competitive and transparent. Positioned to be a best seller, season your student meals with the right product, in the right amount at the right price.

Room: Studio 9 
Contact: Mary Begalle
The popularity of natural, organic and non-GMO foods is on the rise in foodservice. Sales of products with natural positioning grew between 45% - 48% from 2014 to 2016. But what does natural and organic mean? In this session, you will learn about what makes foods natural or organic and understand the trends that are affecting the way we eat.

Sunday, January 21, 2:00 pm-3:00 pm

American Egg Board
Room: Studio 6
Contact: Amanda Francese

In this interactive session, attendees will learn how to meet the protein and grain meal component requirement for breakfast and discover new ways to menu eggs across all nutrition programs. Our new 5 Days – 5 Ways culinary support and menu planning platform will leave you wanting a menu makeover of your own!

Nardone Brothers Baking Co.
Room: Studio 7
Contact: Vinnie Nardone

As school nutrition operators, you know that breakfast is critical to childhood learning and health, yet many children start the school day hungry. Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC) is a proven way to help fill this gap and ensure that students start the day off ready to learn. In this session, you’ll gain a better understanding for how to implement BIC and discover ways to serve BIC more efficiently.

Potatoes USA
Room: Studio 9
Contact: Brandon Smith

Fresh, quality food is a top priority for innovative school meal programs offering appealing meals to their customers. The limitations on labor hours and employee skill level can make running a full-scratch kitchen impractical, however. Speed scratch is an operational compromise that results in quality meals that cooks will feel proud to serve. Learn how to leverage USDA Foods, purchase key ingredients and leftovers in speed scratch menu concepts for breakfast, lunch, snack and supper programs.

Room: Studio 2
Contact: Mark Stevenson

Learn how to improve your program’s operational efficiency and increase engagement for both parents andstudents by utilizing the latest integrated technologies in school nutrition. Enhance your cafeteria staff’s productivity by simplifying and streamlining everyday processes. Discover emerging technology trends that will help connect your program to the communities you serve, increase participation, and assist your managers in their daily operations.

Schwan’s Food Service
Room: Studio 4
Contact: Wendy Osborn

Are you interested in learning how to incorporate Asian flavors on your menu beyond stir fry kits? In this session, you will learn about Asian trends and student preferences when it comes to ethnic menu diversity. We will also cover the basics on delivering an Asian menu that works from both a nutrition and cost perspective!

Monday, January 22, 11:15 am-12:15 pm

Room: Studio 6
Contact: Piper Gugenheim

Looking for tools that will help control labor, improve food quality and enhance food safety while offering consistent menu options? This session will share products that you can use in your kitchen to make your operation run more smoothly while increasing morale and ensuring consistent recipe preparation. We will also discuss solutions for food transport from a central kitchen and the benefits of food on demand vs prepare and serve.

PCS Revenue Control Systems
Room: Studio 2
Contact: Gabe Aiello
201-568-8300 ext.1146

Participants will learn firsthand from technology specialists, dietitians and operators as they present and discuss how state-of-the art document management systems simplify and automate their business process for high volumes of complex tasks—like parent requests for student’s special diets—emphasizing the needs of parents, administrators and staff and identifying the pain points for nutrition services have led to the creation of highly customizable solutions, integrating with front and back office nutrition and district platforms.

Ruiz Foods
Room: Studio 4
Contact: Mandi Pham

Restaurants from McDonald’s to Panera have made moves to elevate the appeal of their kids menu. Join us as we look at the latest menu trends and emerging kid menu makeovers. We will uncover lessons from leading restaurants and present solutions that foodservice directors can apply to their daily menu to help elevate menu appeal and keep students coming back for more.

SFSPac Food Safety & Sanitation System
Room: Studio 9
Contact: Chuck Ainsworth

Education opportunities that meet USDA Professional Standards come from many different places: annual in-service events, industry websites, YouTube videos, conferences, webinars, etc. School districts need one centralized location to manage each employee’s progress. Learn about SFSPac’s solution to efficiently track district-wide education in one place, including USDA Key Areas and Training Topics. Create or integrate existing courses and, with one click, assign them to the district, a school or select individuals.

Wild Blueberry Commission of Maine
Room: Studio 7
Contact: Ronald Adams

Fruit is a key piece of your meal planning puzzle—learn how to amp up your menu and let fruit go wild with new recipes to boost student interest and participation. You will learn how nutrition programs can save on serving costs, improve participation, address operational concerns and meet USDA requirements by choosing USDA Commodity Wild Blueberries. Ourexperts will show you practical and inspirational menu ideas with recipe demonstrations that will enhance your program. Welcome to the wild side!

Tabletop Displays

Also, don’t miss the Tabletop Displays and Networking Lunch on Monday, January 22. Operators will have the opportunity to view a variety of displays to pinpoint the latest goods and technology to help their school foodservice program be its best. Industry representatives from participating organizations will join operators for lunch and then showcase their products, meet and answer questions, obtain feedback about their product or service and generate quality leads.

The following companies will be participating in the Tabletop Displays (as of December 7, 2017):

American Egg Board
Amanda Francese

Basic American Foods
Quentin Layne

Cebev, LLC
Bill Towler

ConAgra Foodservice
Tina Bulle

Cool School Café
Alyssa Barker

Cool Tropics
Bill Crosby

Country Pure Foods
Joe Koch
(860) 872 8346 x228  

Diversified Foods
Pat Logan

Domino's Pizza, LLC
Tom Wright

E S Foods
Tom Ferris

Fresh Innovations, LLC
Henry Webb

GoGo Squeez—Materne North America
Chris Bolton

Green Edge Systems
Tommy Orpaz

Hershey's Ice Cream
Kelly Renard

J&J Snack Foods Corp.
Haley Washington

Jennie-O Turkey Store
Meranda Lelonek

The J.M. Smucker Company
Hilary Rossi

JTM Provisions Co.
Carole Erb

Kelly Grzyb

Learning ZoneXpress
Londa Arnfelt

Mogule Solutions
Mike Munna

Mary Sauer

Nardone Brother's Pizza
Vinnie Nardone

National Food Group
Tara Sharpe

Sarah Lindberg

Trent Hughes

Pacific Northwest Canned Pear Service
Susan Renke

Panasonic Foodservice
Jeff Plys

Piper Gugenheim

Jennifer Armstrong

Peterson Farms
Jennifer Riegle

Pilgrim/Gold Kist Farms
Dawnetta Miller

Potatoes USA
Rachael Lynch

Mark Stevenson

Rich Products Corp.
Diana Schaefer

The Safe + Fair Food Co.
Matt Blackmon

School Datebooks
Dan Dienhart

Schwan's Food Service
Wendy Osborn

SFSPac Food Safety & Sanitation System
Chuck Ainsworth

Somma Foods
Vanessa Farris

Soy Connection—United Soybean Board
Lori Pendleton

Sterling Manufacturing
Chip Tippmann

Nadine Doetterl

Mary Begalle

Super Bakery
Wanda McDowell

Tasty Brands
Emily Moore

TekVisions, Inc.
Jessica Tucker

Thermodyne Foodservice Products
Corey Johnson

Tyson Foods
Andrew Williams

Ultragrain—Ardent Mills
Sarah Waller

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