Interactive 45-minute sessions on some of the trending issues in association management and leadership excellence.

Friday, April 29

10:00 am – 10:45 am

We are All Leaders. How Can You Improve Your Influence as a Leader?
Susan Bertrand, MBA, CAE, Illinois SNA Executive Director

Using Leadership Concepts to explore the evolution of top-down authoritative leadership styles to empathetic, coaching based leadership styles required during and post pandemic. Life Orientations or LIFO focuses on strengths and behaviors around those strengths. MBTI focuses on innate personality concepts. Emotional Intelligence is about knowing yourself and what triggers you. In this session, you will explore key leadership concepts and reflect on your leadership style. Leadership development is self-development.

Robert’s Rules Made Simple – It’s Magic! (Part 1)  
Barbara Proctor, PRP

Discover how parliamentary procedure moves business along while ensuring members have an opportunity to participate. These two interactive sessions include participants making motions, handling motions, conducting meetings, and writing minutes. Learn best practices concerning agenda items and governing documents.

Turning State Leaders into Masters of Risk!   
Brian Haney, Haney Group

Session 4 TBD 

11:30 pm - 12:15 pm 

Lessons Learned - How State Associations and School Nutrition Programs can use Similar Strategies to Navigate through Financial Uncertainty
Lindsey Hill, RD, SNS, Director of Nutrition Services at South Madison Community Corp and Sheri Shipp, RD, Indiana SNA Executive Director 

The goal of this session is to share strategies for financial success based upon the experience of one state association from the perspective of a board member. These times have been challenging but they have forced all of us to examine how we create, monitor, and adapt our budgets and our activities. Understanding, predicting, and monitoring variable costs and revenue - and then changing behavior based on that effort - are the keys to success. Learn how one state association Executive Director and Executive Board used these challenges to work together to come out with stronger and more efficient and effective processes in place. Participants will take away key tools and resources, such as communication and financial SOPs and best practices.

Ethics and Reputation are Pivotal to Your Success
Nikole Fridenmaker, CMP

There are over 16 million people who work in the greater hospitality industry; however, the professional events and meeting side are much smaller. And it will feel even smaller when you keep running into the same people, in the same circles, over the course of your career. That is why it is absolutely critical that you are true to yourself and have a set of values and ethics you consistently uphold. We have all heard the dreaded stories of poor behavior in the meetings industry. Whether it’s capitalizing on points that were not theirs, asking for perks and favors that are for personal reasons versus for business, it happens all the time. The more involved you are in the industry, the more your name is recognized, the easier it is also for those tales to have a negative impact on your career growth and advancement. It is extremely important for you to protect your reputation. Your reputation and strong ethics will help you advance in this profession and be spoken of in positive terms that will open doors for you that a poor reputation will result in closed doors and lost opportunities.

Yes, And…Improving Leadership and Communication Through Improv
Jon Colby

We all like to think that we are good communicators, but this workshop will help you see where your strengths and blind spots are by actually interacting with others in various games in a fun, low-pressure setting. The objectives are to improve verbal and nonverbal communication, sharpen listening skills, and develop strategies when having difficult conversations. Participants will leave the workshop with tips they can use to help improve their communication immediately.

Session 4 TBD 

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1:15 pm – 2:00 pm 

Volunteer Leadership: The Ultimate Balancing Act
Brian Haney, Haney Group

Rockstar volunteer leaders are not born, they are built. This session is designed to show you how can you encourage and develop passionate volunteers that make values-centered decisions and put the association and its members first? It will also provide a roadmap to help you avoid burnout and achieve work-life balance? By seeing yourself differently, re-centering on your values, creating a personal vision/mission statement, you can achieve significant change in both work and life. While most professionals, educators, and volunteer leaders find they have little to no margin, and the pandemic has only exacerbated these issues, this session should help shine some much-needed insights on the core fundamentals for taking back control and achieving higher levels of success.

Leading with a Sense of Humor
Sarah Chellberg, Missouri SNA Past President

Volunteer leadership is meant to “fill our buckets” while also moving our associations forward. This session will serve as a reminder for leaders to stay true to their leadership style along the way. Sharing your personality during your leadership experience will encourage others they too, can serve. Not taking yourself so seriously might allow the most pressing objectives to rise to the top and being willing to laugh at yourself provides a safe place for others to share. Along with self-reflection look for new ways to infuse some fun into your association’s program year!

Robert’s Rules Made Simple – It’s Magic! (Part 2)  
Barbara Proctor, PRP

Discover how parliamentary procedure moves business along while ensuring members have an opportunity to participate. These two interactive sessions include participants making motions, handling motions, conducting meetings, and writing minutes. Learn best practices concerning agenda items and governing documents.   

What You Need to Know About Meetings
Nikole Fridenmaker, CMP

If you haven’t spent decades in the meeting industry, it is nearly impossible to know what you need to know! Join Nikole Fridenmaker of Build Better Meetings to learn the ins and outs of the industry.  Whether you are new to the meetings industry or whether you are trying to figure out how to pull a meeting together even though it’s not your full-time job, this session will help you meet better!  Today’s session will touch on topics involving hotel contracts, relationship building, finding great vendors and partners, what’s changed in the industry since the pandemic, and answer any questions you may have to help you Build Better Meetings.

3:15 pm – 4:00 pm

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes
Jennifer Martin, CAE, NYSNA Executive Director

While it may have been politically inconvenient to make any governance changes in the past, many leaders are now realizing that some changes will need to happen to make their associations successful and to meet the current needs of the members…and maybe eliminate some unnecessary drama in the process. Governance restructuring may seem like a daunting task, but what if I told you that it could fuel membership engagement and set your association up for long-term success? Join us for a practical discussion about how an association should invest the time to look strategically into the future. Let’s talk about governance that will help move your association forward, rather than remaining still. Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes.

Finders, Keepers. Where are the Leaders, and What Do They Want from the Association
JoAnne Robinett

Our future leaders view involvement and service through a different lens than many of our seasoned board members. They do still care, and they have so much to give. This session will look at what motivates them and how we can harvest the passion they have about the issues that matter to them!

Leading with Emotional Intelligence
Joe Petit, Leadership Speaker

This stimulating workshop provides attendees with an opportunity to learn about emotional intelligence and put it into action through small group activities and discussions. Attendees will learn how to better relate to their colleagues, manage emotional stress, and develop cohesive teams.

Saturday, April 30

10:15 am – 11:00 am

Speak Up! Public Speaking Skills for Association Leaders
Craig Weidel, SNA of Arizona Executive Director

One of the biggest drawbacks in both recruiting and becoming a new association leader is the fact that for most, getting up in front of and speaking to a group of people is paralyzing. Imagine if you knew the secrets of the world’s most influential speakers and trainers and that it comes down to just three easy steps. You will leave this class with a three easy step plan to make your next presentation one that will influence people and make them want to listen to what you have to say. And most importantly you will learn how to manage your anxiety when the pressure is on, and you must make that speech or presentation!

It Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult
Marcia Wagner, Washington SNA State President

We all know that some things in life are difficult. We also know someone that makes them more difficult than they need to be. Sometimes that person is us. We will discuss how to breakdown challenges to get to the root of the issue. Often asking simple questions can help us lead the way through a challenging situation. 

That Was a Lot, Now What? Tips to Applying Learned Knowledge
Joe Petit, Leadership Speaker

This session will allow attendees to reflect and share what they learned from the day using a simple framework. The "Producing Results" framework will provide a guide to allow for conversation to flow and a simple action plan to implement content when leaders return to their teams. We will look at ways to use their learned knowledge to positively impact three key areas: leadership, communication, and membership.

Session 4 TBD 

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