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SNA continues to bring you updated Food Allergy training that focuses on the basics and not so basics. This topic is critical for school nutrition professionals. Knowing the signs and symptoms of a food allergy reaction and what steps to take can save a child’s life. Earn CEUs and valuable information while participating in these webinars.

Adopting-Top-Food image Adopting Top Food Trends & Managing Allergies at School Breakfast

  1. Explain food trends and opportunities for their inclusion in school breakfast.
  2. Utilize the facts about managing food allergens in their school breakfast programs, whether traditional service, breakfast in the classroom or grab-and-go.
  3. Use tools and resources provided in the presentation to elevate their program through training and menu planning.

Ask the Expert: Food Allergies Edition  

  1. Identify the basics about food allergies, food allergy management, and reliable resources for ongoing learning.
  2. Answer the most frequently asked questions about managing food allergies,
  3. Explain the benefits of collaboration amongst healthcare providers, school nursing staff, and foodservice for management of food allergies.

Food Allergy: Discussing the Science Behind the Facts  

  1. Explain the basics about food allergies, including signs and symptoms of a food allergy reaction and take steps to assist an allergic individual.
  2. Discuss the impact of food allergies on quality of life for those with this condition.
  3. Recommend and implement strategies to help improve the quality of life for those with food allergies.

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