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The contributions of the individuals listed below are key to producing a peer-reviewed publication. These individuals graciously responded to requests to review manuscripts submitted to the Journal during the 2019 year. Several reviewers agreed to multiple assignments over the year. Their understanding of research methodology and operational aspects of child nutrition programs is essential to ensuring articles published in the Journal are credible. The Journal of Child Nutrition and Management provides research or evidence to support informed decision-making that can be useful in all aspects of child nutrition.

Please join me in thanking these individuals!



Susan Wohlsdorf ArendtSandra Curwood

Marisa Bellenca

Robert Bosselman

Carolyn Bednar

Julie Boettger

Tina Crook-Maddox

Linnette Dodson

Becky Domosko Bays

Alisha R Farris

Sandra Fiegen

Olivia Ford

Beth Foland

Carol Friesen

Mary Gregoire

Lynnell Grumbles

Marie Hall

Brenda Hallbrook

Deana Hildebrand

David Holban

Jill Joyce

Jill Kidd

Jan Lilly

Jun Hee Kwon

Laurel Lambert

Alicia Landry

Rebecca Larson

Lorraine Lanningham-FosterJessica Linnell

Whitney Linsenmeyer

Ruth Litchfield

Carol Longley

Beth Egan Mincemover

Paola Paez

Emily Patten

Beth Rice

Kevin Sauer

Carrie Schiedel

Julie Schumacher

Jeannie Sneed

Nathan Stokes

Joel Sullivan

Alice Jo Rainville

Lakshmann Rajagopal

Beth Rice

Kevin Roberts

Marjuva Lartey-Rowser

Desiree Tande

Elizabeth Wallace

Victor Yu

Bethany Yon

Alisha Weeden


Dr. Keith Rushing earned a Doctorate Degree in Family and Consumer Sciences Education from Texas Tech University in 2005. In 1993, he became a registered dietitian. Prior to being promoted to Director of the Applied Research Division of the Institute of Child Nutrition in 2017, he worked as a research scientist for the Institute.