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Greetings to all! I hope the school year has started on a smooth note for all of you! At this point in the academic year, it is hoped all systems are up and running, and everyone in your kitchens is a happy and productive employee.

I hope that if you did introduce any new systems or changes in your child nutrition program this fall, that YOUR Journal, The Journal of Child Nutrition and Management, was used to provide research or evidence-based information to guide the decision-making process. A peer-review process is used with each submitted article, whether it is a Commentary, Current Issues, Practical Solutions, or a Research in Action contribution. Two or three individuals familiar with school nutrition programs and who have earned at least a Master’s degree in a related area of study review each article, in addition to screening by the Editor.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated group of Reviewers for the Journal of Child Nutrition and Management. Those who provided a review for the submissions to the Journal this past year are  recognized. A sincere “Thank You” to them for taking the time to carefully consider submissions, determine if these meet stated guidelines, and contribute to the body of knowledge in school nutrition. The goal of the Journal is to provide readers with useful and relevant information. Reviewers contribute to the Journal meeting this goal. As Editor, I value their expertise and the collegiality shown when accepting invitations to review. If you are interested in serving as a Reviewer, please complete this form.


In April of 2018, the Nutrition and Research Committee identified the theme of Special Diets for a dedicated issue of the Journal. Thus, this issue is focused on the topic.

This issue of the Journal has one Commentary article, two Research in Action papers, and one Practical Solutions manuscript. The Commentary paper by Renn and Rainville provides a review of training on the role of food sensitivities to meet the needs of students with food intolerances and other concerns.

The Research in Action article by Shaw, Moore, Camel, and Douglas provides those in school nutrition with information about, and tools to use, in meeting the special needs of children with developmental disorders that require texture-modified diets. The second Research in Action article is a paper based on Lynnelle Grumbles’ doctoral dissertation at Iowa State University, where I served as her major professor. Dr. Grumbles and I present findings regarding perceptions of menu planners in California about costs associated with meal accommodations, and offer some working strategies for practitioners in meeting needs of these students while remaining fiscally responsible.

The Practical Solutions paper describes a project in a Washington DC school which introduced vegan entrees as part of the school nutrition program lunch menus. The authors, Flores, Eckart,

Nash, and Kwitowski describe interventions used in introducing the new items and compare nutrient analysis of the vegan entrees with the standard menu.

But wait, that is not all! Each Fall Issue of the Journal includes updates from the Institute of Child Nutrition’s Applied Research Division. Dr. Keith Rushing, Director of the research arm of the Institute of Child Nutrition, gives us an update on research projects underway by him and colleagues. As Dr. Rushing notes, in recent years there has been a focus on participatory research involving practitioners. Some of you may be involved with some of the projects!  Finally, abstracts from the INSERT Research Posters presented at the Child Nutrition Showcase during the 2019 School Nutrition Association’s Annual National Conference held in St. Louis are included in this issue of the Journal. If you didn’t make it to the Conference, read here about research involving child nutrition programs.

Happy Reading!


Happy Reading!

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Editor, Journal of Child Nutrition and Management
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