Do you desire to be the leader known for producing the tasty results everyone talks about and attempts to replicate? To do this, you must focus on the results you produce and not the title you possess. Leadership is the ability to educate, energize and empower an individual or group to Live A Dream. Leadership and Cooking are very similar. Everyone has the ability to do it, but it is a skill that must be cultivated. In this interactive program, Frank Kitchen will teach you the seven skills needed to create your very own leadership style that produces environments where people and dreams flourish.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover the positive impact of fruitful leadership on an organization.
  • Determine how to earn the respect and trust of the people you lead.
  • Illustrate how to replicate the seven skills exhibited by productive leaders.
  • Design a unique leadership style tailored to meet your wants and needs.

Earning CEUs

  • SNA CEUs: 1.0
  • Key Area 3000: Administration
  • Key Topic 3200: Program Management
  • Subtopic 3210: Leadership Principles


CPEUs for RDNs and NDTRs

  • Activity Number: 171916

Suggested Performance Indicators

  • 3.1.5 Seeks opportunities for and actively engages in mentoring and mentorship.
  • 3.1.6 Takes an active role in sharing information and knowledge.
  • 3.2.8 Challenges, encourages and supports others to take action to advance the profession.
  • 3.3.3 Advocates for access to health and nutrition services.

Suggested Learning Need Codes

  • 8110: School foodservice

CPEUs: 1.00
CPE Level: 1,2
SNA CDR Provider Number: AM007

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Frank Kitchen





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