SNA Position Papers

2017 Position Paper

Every school day, school nutrition programs contribute to the health, well-being and achievement of more than 30 million students across…

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2016 Position Paper

Every school day, 30 million children depend on school nutrition programs to nourish their bodies and minds. School nutrition programs…

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2015 Position Paper

Reauthorization of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act Federal child nutrition programs provide 30 million lunches and 13.5 million breakfasts to…

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SNA Action Network

Read about SNA’s most current issues and take action! Send a message to your members of Congress and make a difference for schoolchildren across the nation.

U.S. House and Senate Committees with jurisdiction over child nutrition programs:

Advocacy Resources

Advocacy Toolkit
SNA's Advocacy Toolkit is your one-stop guide containing all the information you need to be an effective advocate for school nutrition programs. In this PDF resource, you will find background on the inner workings of Congress, links to engaging quick tutorial videos, and step-by-step guidance on planning and implementing effective advocacy strategies.

Advocacy 101 Quick Tutorial Video Course
Get a primer on how to advocate for school meal programs with Advocacy 101 videos, available as an exclusive member benefit  through the School Nutrition Association and Congressional Management Foundation (CMF) Partnership for a More Perfect Union.

Cafeteria Site Visits
Cafeteria site visits give legislators a first-hand look into how school nutrition programs operate. Interested in hosting a visit? SNA has created an array of useful resources to help you get started.

Benefits of School Meals
Educate your legislators on the benefits of school meals. These fact sheets share research demonstrating the role that the School Breakfast Program and National School Lunch Program play in supporting obesity prevention, overall student health and academic achievement.

School Meal Sodium Standards
Research shows America's children receive their healthiest meals at school. Mandating further sodium reductions too soon, particularly as schools face persistent supply chain disruptions, could threaten this progress in schools nationwide.

State Advocacy Tools

Here you will find guides on how to create a positive message, moving forward positive legislation, best practices and how to best respond to problematic policies. Many of these can also be used at the more local, grassroots level as well.

SNA Policy Statements

2019 Policy Statements

Overarching advocacy goals and priorities of the Association that stand the test of time.

SNA Child Nutrition Reauthorization Recommendations

SNA’s Child Nutrition Reauthorization (CNR) Task Force has finalized recommendations for the Association to share with Congress as they work to reauthorize the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 (HHFKA).