Let’s Spread the Word About School Lunch Hero Day!

After all, you know how heroic your foodservice team is. And your students know it, too-who else would be serving them those important meals if you school nutrition teams weren’t there?

But does your community know it? And, even more importantly, do your school lunch heroes themselves know how much they’re valued?

SNA’s customizable press release and proclamation make it easy to generate press coverage and share the news with the media outlets serving your community.


Customizable Press Release

Once Customized, Send It to…

  • School newspapers
  • Local newspapers
  • Local radio stations
  • Local social media influencers
  • Local blogs (particularly those focused on families or parenting)

Before You Send
Be sure to modify the press release to fit your school district. Be prepared to add…

  • Your city, state and school district
  • The name of your School Nutrition Director (and staff members, if appropriate)
  • How you plan to celebrate
  • Details about your school meal program (including how many students you serve)
  • Your nutrition program’s website and other contact info

Don’t Forget to Share It Yourself…
You’re allowed to sound your own horn on School Lunch Hero Day (or sound your own lunch bell, for a more appropriate metaphor)! Modify the press release and post it to your website, blog or social media accounts. You can even create graphics in Canva or another graphics tool with the text overlaid on pics of your staff at work! (Don’t forget to download the official Hero Day artwork, as well!) Follow-up Is Important, Too!
Don’t forget that media outlets get busy and have a lot of submissions for coverage. It’s easy for things to be overlooked, even if it’s about something important. Don’t be afraid to follow up a few days after sending your press release to make sure someone got it and is planning to run it. What About the Proclamation?
Once you’ve spread the word with a press release, it’s time to make sure you have an official document to present to elected officials and school administrators. Download and customize our sample proclamation so you can complete it, print it out and send. It’s that simple!

You should also send copies of the proclamation to the same news sources you gave the press release and ask them to share it-because a proclamation is best when it’s read far and wide!