JCNM Spring 2004

Table 1: Description and Origin of Test Recipes
Recipe Name Description Origin of Recipe
Main Dish
Chap Chae Cellophane noodles with meat and vegetables Korea
Pastitsio Pasta baked with ground beef in bechamel sauce Greece
Chicken Taro Chicken served with taro leaves and coconut milk Polynesia
Goi Go Pho Chicken and cabbage salad Vietnam
Kotlety Soup with roast beef and rice sticks Vietnam
Pozcharsky Baked ground beef mixed with bread Russia
Side Dish
Frijoles Refritos Refried beans with cheese Mexico
Celeriac & Apple Salad Cooked celeriac salad Germany
Pear Salad Vegetable salad with pear Korea
Tex-Mex Rice Rice with tomatoes, peas and onions Mexico
Polenta Jellied cooked corn meal Italy
Mustard Soup Soup flavored with mustard and served with lettuce Ireland
Flan de Naranja Flan with orange Spain
Lemon Curd tartlets Tartlet filled with lemon curd Great Britain
Indian Pudding Cornmeal pudding with ginger and molasses Native American
Clafouti Cherries baked with batter on top France
Blueberry Crisp Blueberries baked with pastry dough on top Canada
Mexican Bread Pudding Bread pudding with apples and cheese Mexico

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