State Affiliation Agreement

For 70 years, SNA state affiliates have been working together with SNA to ensure that well-nourished students across the country are prepared for success. It is time to formalize this important relationship to mutually benefit SNA national and your state affiliate.

State Affiliation Agreement Task Force Member Stories

Listen to SNA Task Force Members Vanessa Hayes (Georgia), Artie Frego (New York), Andrew Soliz (California), and Tamara Earl (Ohio) share their impressions of participating in the process to develop the State Affiliation Agreement

Agreement & Supporting Documents State Affiliation Agreement

Download and share these documents with your state affiliate board of directors. When ready, your board should vote to approve the Agreement and your president should sign the Agreement and submit to SNA

Signed Agreement Tracker

Check the below map to keep track of which states have already signed the Agreement.

Signed Agreement Tracker Map

✔ Alabama signed on August 2, 2017 ✔ New York signed on 2017  
✔ Colorado signed on June 1, 2017 ✔ Ohio signed on June 27, 2017  
✔ Illinois signed on July 26, 2017 ✔ Oregon signed on June 27, 2017  
✔ Kansas signed on June 2, 2017 ✔ South Dakota signed on June 8, 2017  
✔ Louisiana signed on July 18, 2017 ✔ Wisconsin signed on June 3, 2017  
✔ Minnesota signed on May 17, 2017 ✔ Wyoming signed on June 20, 2017  
✔ New Mexico signed on June 9, 2017

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