NLC 2017 Keynote Leadership Series

Q&A with Leadership Expert, Roxi Hewertson

Roxi Hewertson
Leadership Expert

Q: Who, as a leader, has inspired you
personally and why?

A: If I had to choose just one person, it would be one of my
mentors, Dr. Rod Napier, an amazing author, teacher, and
guide over 25 years of my entire career. His books, guidance,
and love of people, and his commitment to helping create
healthy organizations - inspires me every single day.

Q: What is one piece of advice you
would give someone who is unsure
about stepping into a leadership

A: Most importantly, only lead people if you truly love that
critically important role. It's about inspiring, developing,
building trust, and guiding those you lead - which
means it's about them, not so much about you.
Choose carefully because leading people well really
matters to the health of the organization, to those
you lead, and to your own well-being.

Q: Give us a sneak peek of what you
have planned for NLC! What sessions
are you leading during NLC?

A: Our Opening General Session will be highly interactive
and give everyone an opportunity to explore their own
leadership style. The Breakout Sessions will also be
interactive and focus on "Gimme Some Feedback," exploring
why we don't do it as often as we should and how to do it
well. The Final General Session will focus on Accountability
and Recognition as a key part of any healthy, trusting culture.

Q: What are you most excited for at
NLC 2017?

A: Having been a speaker for two sessions in San Antonio last
summer, I experienced a REAL and personal connection to the
people in the audience. More than most groups I've worked
with, your folks care deeply about their personal impact and
what that ultimately means for children. I can't think of
anywhere I'd rather be than getting to meet and explore
these topics with so many of your leaders.

Q: One fun fact most attendees don’t
know about you:

A: It was a dream come true to have my leadership book,
Lead Like It Matters...Because It Does, and then my novel,
Cross of Ivy, published within 9 months of each other in
2014 and 2015.

Q: Where can attendees keep up with
you and learn more?

A: They can find me on social media, Twitter, Facebook
and LinkedIn. They can also keep up with me via my websites, or,
or my AskRoxi newsletter or podcast.

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