Innovative Solution Sessions & Tabletop Displays


Engage in meaningful dialogue with top industry professionals at three one-hour Innovative Solution Sessions. During these exciting sessions, 15 organizations will share their school nutrition expertise, showcase products and obtain valuable feedback. Simultaneously, operators will be introduced to new trends and innovative products on the market today designed to improve the success of your school nutrition program.

Sunday, January 17, 2:00 pm-3:00 pm

Room: Seabreeze 1 (Lobby Level)
Contact: Mike Purcell    
(516) 250-2199
Participants will learn how to create an environment that entices customers to eat through the analysis of actual dining room renovation case studies. The session will highlight what types of concepts excel at increasing participation and why some renovations fall flat. Explore projects that dramatically change school dining environments, increase participation and understand the concept of form meeting function.

Mushroom Council
Room: Seabreeze 2 (Lobby Level)
Contact: Kathleen Preis
(408) 432-7237
Discover how districts across the country are serving burgers, tacos, meatballs and more blended with Instantly Quick Frozen (IQF) mushrooms. Blending mushrooms with meat increases vegetable consumption by including vegetable servings within the entree, helps flavors pop with umami and increase entrée volumes. IQF mushrooms also help make preparing flavorful and satiable vegetarian options easier.

Ruiz Foods
Room: Marina 6 (Lobby Level)
Contact: Mandi Pham
(559) 591-5510 x2159
Be one of the first to hear the latest Top Quick Service Restaurant trends (like limited time offers) and how easy it is to incorporate these trends into your menu cycle. In this session, we will discuss the restaurant trends, offer ideas to market your program to your students and provide tips on how to develop strategic partnerships to boost participation and improve menu perception.

Schwan’s Food Service Inc.
Room: Nautilus 1 (Lower Level)
Contact: Mary Begalle
(612) 209-9643
Looking for the latest trends in flavor profiles? This session will share recent foodservice research on what is trending in commercial and non-commercial foodservice segments. Hear about simple ways to take foods already in your pantry to create a variety of new kid favorite pizza recipes. Come to learn, share your own tips and leave inspired!

Room: Spinnaker 1 (Lobby Level)
Contact: Janet Morse
(701) 277-3577
Did you know that sunflower seed can be used for much more than a nut replacement? Learn how sunflower seed can be incorporated to accommodate all diets including diabetics, vegetarians and more. Gain new strategies for introducing a new food to your customers by sharing nutritional and problem solving benefits.

Monday, January 18, 9:00 am-10:00 am

Cybersoft Primero Edge
Room: Spinnaker 1 (Lobby Level)
Contact: Gordon Rereddy
(281) 453-8512
Explore what’s new in the world of school nutrition software. Discover how to improve your inventory efficiencies while evaluating existing and future opportunities to streamline and improve accuracy in your processes. Develop a step-by-step action plan on how to leverage the latest in school nutrition software solutions for measurable inventory improvements.

Kellogg’s Specialty Channels
Room: Seabreeze 1 (Lobby Level)
Contact: Paul Stippich
(630) 956-9636
Who is the next generation of students? What are their motivators? What do they like to eat? How do they communicate? As your student population is now officially occupied by Generation Z, interaction with them needs to reflect how they consume information, which is different than prior generations.  Most importantly, by understanding how they consume information it will enable you to communicate the benefits of your school food program and ensure they remain active participants. Join Kellogg’s Specialty Channels as we explore Generation Z: The Next Generation.

Room: Seabreeze 2 (Lobby Level)
Michael Craig
(650) 745-5003
Nutrislice is changing how your parents and students experience school food. We’ve partnered with leading researchers from Cornell and BYU to evaluate how the presentation of your menus impacts your bottom line. We will share research-based facts and figures, along with real-life case studies that are guaranteed to drive branding, improved perception and revenue for your school nutrition program.

Pinnacle Foods Inc.
Room: Marina 6 (Lobby Level)
Joe Saporito
(856) 969-7135
The move to whole grain rich products has led to new challenges for preparing and holding items in quantity food production and service. Pinnacle will review the impact that whole grains have on taste, texture and moisture retention and holding tolerance. We will share new best practices developed during onsite preparation testing with varying equipment and resources taken into consideration. Additionally we will share chef inspired serving suggestions to add spark to routine breakfast menus.

Tyson Foods Inc.
Room: Nautilus 1 (Lower Level)
Contact: Liz Knapke
(479) 290-4276
Coca-Cola, Apple, Disney, Google—just a few of the most recognizable brands in the world. Why are these brands so successful? They not only meet the needs and wants of their customers, they connect to their customer. The customer views the brand as trustworthy, loyal and attracts them emotionally. Discover how marketers set up their brands for success and the power of branding to win over students in your café!

Monday, January 18, 2:15 pm-3:15 pm

Advance Pierre Foods
Room: Nautilus 1 (Lower Level)
Contact: Jennifer Roumani
(513) 265-5610
As directors are required to make substantive, costly changes to their menus without the benefit of additional financial support, it’s more important than ever to find ways to do more with less. This session will showcase products designed to reduce costs and boost menus while delivering the flavor students demand. Attendees will walk through a menu-costing process for made-from-scratch items versus prepared foods to understand hidden costs beyond simple food costs – staffing, timing, storage, etc.

Foster Farms
Room: Seabreeze1 (Lobby Level)
Contact: Jeff Jarchow
(209) 394-6487
Foster Farms will share recent flavor and food trends from popular children’s menu items. Using this data, Foster Farms will help you incorporate new Mexican food options into your school nutrition menus. Fernando’s Brand is changing children’s perceptions of school food by encompassing bold trendy flavors in clean tasting products. Come experience an amazing fusion of flavors that will increase participation.

Horizon Software International
Room: Seabreeze 2 (Lobby Level)
Contact: Amy Huff
(800) 741-7100
“I didn’t have enough time for lunch!” may be a statement you’ve heard once or twice. Time is of the essence and getting kids through the line at lightning speed is impossible if you don’t have a solution that supports it. This session will uncover how cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) systems keep lines moving and staff happy. You will also gain valuable tips on how to boost prepayments in the cafeteria and reduce manual processes.

Jennie-O Turkey Store
Room: Marina 6 (Lobby Level)
Contact: Karen Mahlow
(320) 214-5848
Sandwiches have always been a popular lunch item, but the new regulations have made it difficult to serve them due to their high sodium content. Today the trend is to focus on cleaner labels as well as reducing sodium and Jennie-O is excited to offer a solution by developing new reduced sodium options.

Land O’Lakes Dairy Foods
Room: Spinnaker 1 (Lobby Level)
Contact: Katie Signorelli
(651) 375-2409
Understand how to streamline purchasing by using a single inventory item for multiple menu items and find out about tools to market your school meal program. Land O’Lakes has new products, menu ideas and marketing tools designed to “Put Some Happy” on the menu while meeting nutrition regulations and streamlining operations. Join us to hear about the solutions Land O’Lakes has to support your school meal program.


Monday, January 18, 12:00 pm-2:00 pm

Also, don’t miss the Tabletop Showcase and Networking Luncheon on Monday, January 18. Companies will display new products or services available from their organizations. This is the perfect occasion to join colleagues and industry partners and share experiences, converse about challenges and successes, renew friendships and build lasting business relationships.

The following companies will be participating in the Tabletop Showcase:
Room: Pavilion (outside lower-level)

  • AdvancePierre Foods
  • Aspire Beverage Co. LLC
  • Barilla America
  • Bridgford Foods Corp.
  • California Raisin Marketing Board
  • ConAgra Foodservice
  • Cool School Café
  • Cybersoft PrimeroEdge
  • Darlington
  • Diversified Foods
  • Domino’s Pizza Smart Slice
  • Envy Foods
  • Green Edge Systems Menu Boards
  • Health-e Meal Planner Pro
  • ITW Pro Brands
  • J & J Snack Foods Corp.
  • Jennie-O Turkey Store
  • The J.M. Smucker Company
  • JTM Provisions Co. Inc.
  • Kellogg’s Specialty Channels
  • Land O’Lakes Dairy Foods
  • Learning ZoneXpress
  • Meals Plus
  • Milton’s Craft Bakers
  • Multiteria
  • Mushroom Council
  • Nardone Brothers Baking Co. Inc.
  • National Food Group
  • Nutrislice
  • Pacific Coast Producers
  • PanSaver-M&Q Packaging
  • PepsiCo Foodservice
  • Peterson Farms Inc.
  • Pinnacle Foods Inc.
  • Premier Inc.
  • Rana Meal Solutions
  • Red Gold LLC
  • Rich Products Corp.
  • School Datebooks
  • School Nutrition and Fitness
  • Schwan’s Food Service Inc.
  • SFSPac Food Safety & Sanitation Systems
  • Skeeter Snacks
  • Sunny Sky Products LLC
  • Super Bakery
  • Tasty Brands
  • Tree Top Inc.
  • Tyson Foods Inc.
  • Ultragrain/Ardent Mills
  • United States Potato Board
  • Yum Yummi
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