Waste Not, Want Not

The problem, the perceptions and some possible solutions for addressing environmental sustainability issues that impact K-12 foodservice operations.

Sustainability is a simple word that has been commanding greater attention and everwider usage each year. Its origin is clear in the elements of the word itself: the capability to last, to continue, to go. In fact, it’s so fundamental that it’s become a go-to descriptor across categories in a world that spins faster and faster with change. (This relationship is/is not sustainable. We need to consider the sustainability of this business model. The way we are doing things is/is not sustainable. How will you manage sustainability for that new initiative when the start-up funds run out?) When it comes to K-12 school nutrition programs, stakeholders have most recently been concerned about the financial sustainability of school meal programs, thanks to COVID-19. But arguably the most common association of the word sustainability is in managing the planet’s natural resources and mitigating the challenges that threaten them. ...

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