Unpacking the Fundamentals of DEI

Embracing differences with understanding, awareness, empathy and inclusion.

It’s at once complex and common sense. At the core, it’s very simple, yet still requires a commitment to hard work. Everyone values it, but few see it as their personal responsibility. Where do you start to get a grasp on the trilateral concept that is diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)?

SNA aims to be a good place to begin, having launched its DEI Training Series for school nutrition professionals last fall. Through webinars and conference sessions (along with articles in SN), the DEI programming aims to introduce practical ways to value and appreciate human differences. Participants will learn how to apply a more intentional leadership approach to practicing diversity and inclusion; recognize unconscious biases that lead to discrimination, inequity and exclusion; and discuss methods to create a more inclusive work environment. It’s an exciting initiative, and SNA is pleased to partner with Dr. Nika White, national authority and fearless DEI advocate, on many of the key training offerings planned for the Series, which is made possible with support from TITAN–a LINQ Solution...

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