Thinking HACCP in a COVID-19 World

Apply HACCP principles and approaches when developing or revising your plan for minimizing this year’s unique health risks.

School nutrition personnel are currently challenged by unprecedented safety concerns. In the age of COVID-19, risk management policies, protocols and practices are at the forefront of everyone’s minds, as the pandemic has forced us to be extra-vigilant about our health and the risks to others. But you shouldn’t be starting a safety plan completely from scratch—instead, you can take what you know about HACCP principles and apply these to the current situation. While HACCP focuses on food safety, its overarching tenets can be applied as part of a risk management program designed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Even though the new school year has started and you likely have already implemented several new processes, this article may help identify gaps in your plan and prompt you to take additional actions...

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