Taking the Coach Approach

A professional coach can help you find new direction, follow through on meaningful goals and get reenergized for the future.

Athletes turn to a coach for pointers on how to improve, insights into managing or overcoming challenges, suggestions for goals and direction, affirmation about abilities, and actions and motivation to move forward. Coaches are important resources for their success. The power of this professional relationship isn’t limited to athletic pursuits, however. There are coaches who have the expertise to help you meet wellness goals, navigate life transitions, overcome obstacles, further your career and manage your professional development.

If you’re feeling restless, stuck or vaguely dissatisfied with your job or career, you might benefit from the services of a professional coach. If you know you’re ready for changes and are eager but overwhelmed by the possibilities, you might benefit from working with a professional coach. If you’re facing an exciting opportunity but are unsure or anxious about your choices, a professional coach might be just the ticket. Learn more about why you might want to hire a coach— and what you can expect if you do. ...

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