Taking Care of Business

New President Beth Wallace, MBA, SNS, has the right background, mindset and outlook to lead SNA through uncertain and unsettled times.

Just when you think you’ve got her pegged, Beth Wallace zigs when you expect her to zag. One minute she’s expressing a frank, let’s-not-sugarcoat-things assessment of the business priorities of her Jefferson County (Colo.) School District school meal operation and the next she’s dispensing hearty, warm hugs to young students. She’d spend lottery winnings on a luxurious, high-end Maserati sports car and is a self-professed “foodie,” but seeks out pizza and Chick-fil-A as go-to comfort foods. She continued her weekly commuter flights during the height of the pandemic, but confesses a fear of bugs.

Some might impatiently and improperly label her as a bundle of contradictions, but they’d be seeing only the pieces, not the complete and complex picture those elements reveal when put together. School Nutrition invites you to spend a little time getting to know SNA’s new president, Beth Wallace...

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