Savor the Morning

Think savory, not sweet, when sketching out your school breakfast menu.

Pancakes, French toast, donuts, muffins, fruit parfaits, pastries—the list of sugarysweet breakfast foods is a long one. Sure, these items can be “healthified” with formulations that feature whole grains, reduced sugar and reduced fat, and kids certainly have demonstrated a warm embrace of these variations served at school. However, from time to time, it might be worthwhile to turn the flavor focus to a savory profile, rather than a sweet one, when it comes to the morning meal.

As a school nutrition professional, you already know about the link between breakfast and academic achievement. (Need a reminder? A 2019 study in Frontiers in Public Health found that teens who ate breakfast on four to five school days each week scored higher academically than those who only ate it once or not at all.) Building on this, there’s also research backing up the contention that high-protein breakfasts, which tend to fit the savory category, keep youngsters satiated for longer and decreases the overall number of calories they consume...

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