Nutrition Education for Grownups

Use your expertise to impart wellness wisdom to members of your school foodservice team.

Education doesn’t start and end in the classroom. When students head to the cafeteria for breakfast or lunch, they’re not just eating a meal—they’re learning the tenets of good nutrition and healthy eating. After all, that’s one of the reasons you and your team are known as school nutrition professionals, right?

However, not everyone who works in the foodservice department is as well-informed on healthy eating as they should be, points out Chef Lindsey Schoenfeld, RDN, a founder and culinary nutrition expert with the consulting agency To Taste. She and co-founder Chef Vahista Ussery, MS, MBA, RDN, have observed too many districts where school nutrition professionals lack an understanding of the why behind the nutrition standards required for school meals. “Their name has changed without the education to support it,” Schoenfeld asserts...

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