Creating Change Through Kindness

It’s what the world needs now.

Be kind. It’s the sort of dictum that’s easy to say, maybe easy to conceptualize, but very likely hard to carry out.

(record scratch)

“Just wait a second,” you might be thinking. “Being kind isn’t hard. I love being kind to people.” Many of us take great pride in how we adhere to the oft-described Golden Rule, treating others the way we want and expect to be treated. But kindness might not be exactly what we think it is. And even if we do understand it fully, sometimes our cultural norms or our own selfish tendencies find us compromising our drive to behave kindly, no matter our best intentions. Whatever the reason, kindness isn’t easy.

Even if it’s difficult at times or requires mindful effort, kindness as a value, an attitude and a behavior is worth pursuing. People who adopt a genuine kindness mindset as part of their daily lifestyle will find it not only improves their mental and physical well-being but also cultivates a more productive, trusting, rewarding environment around them, as others follow their example. ...

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