Do You Dare to SHARE?

Key Area 3, Administration, Code 3250
November 2017

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 1. A share table encourages students to use the cafeteria to exchange homework hints.


2. USDA and EPA have established a goal to divert 50% of food waste from landfills by ___. 


3. The most critical HACCP steps associated with share table management are time and temperature.


4. When planning to start a Share Table Program, you should carefully review ___.


5.  Good choices of menu items that can be shared safely include __.


6. School kitchens can practice better production of menu items by __.


7. According to USDA, ___ is an allowable use of share table items.


8. USDA forbids the donation of share table items to local charities.


9. Students volunteering to assist with share table management ___.  


10. Share tables should be kept secret from parents in the community.



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