Out of the Frying Pan

Key Area 2: Operations; Food Safety Code 2620

May 2017

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 1. Fires originating in K-12 school kitchen areas caused _______ in damage between 2009 and 2013.


2. In _______, a catastrophic school fire in Chicago caused 95 deaths. 


3. Cooking/cooking equipment is the leasing cause of _______ fires in the United States.  


4. In April 2017, a fire in a Florida cafeteria was caused by a _______.


5. Arson is the leading cause of fires on education properties.   


6. Check _______ equipment for potential fire risks.


7. Substitutes working at your site should be told where fire extinguishers are stored.


8. Fire Prevention Week is held annually every _______.


9. Fires fueled by wood, grease or combustible metals are all considered Class A fires.


10. Never use water to extinguish a fire caused by _______.



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