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Key Area 3: Administration, Civil Rights Training, Code 3420

January 2017

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 1. Only citizens born in the United States are guaranteed civil rights protections.


2. U.S. civil rights laws stem from _______.


3. Federal law for school meal programs prohibits discrimination against anyone in one of six protected classes, which include _______.


4. Civil rights laws protect against discrimination in _______.  


5. _______ is not an official racial category defined by law.  


6. It's not considered sexual harassment if a joke is intended as good-natured teasing. 


7. Food allergies are considered a physical disability.


8. School cafeterias are required to display a poster proclaiming _______.   


9. Only written complaints regarding civil rights violations must be formally addressed and forwarded to the state agency or USDA.


10. Details about a student's school meal eligibility status may be shared with _______.



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