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Key Area 3: Administration; Water, Energy & Waste Code 3250

April 2017

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 1. Each person in the U.S. wastes about _______ of food each year.


2. You can reduce food waste by taking steps to reduce what students discard and by reducing waste produced in the kitchen.


3. The NRDC has stated that _______ Americans would benefit from 15% less food waste.


4. The EPA recommends _______ for combating food waste.


5. School Nutrition Foundation (SNF) is the for-profit sister organization of School-Based Health Alliance (SBH).


6. Ideas to reduce food waste include:


7. Food waste is edible, available food that is never consumed.


8. SCrAP aims to:


9. The NRDC estimates that Americans waste 10 times more food than people in _______.  


10. Throwing away food does not waste money.



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