SNA Defers Recruitment for 3 Board Positions Pending HOD Vote


The Board of Directors (BOD) approved a proposed new governance structure for SNA and it was presented at the National Leadership Conference (NLC) in April. The bylaw amendments to implement the proposal will be presented at the House of Delegates (HOD) on Saturday, July 11, 2015 in Salt Lake City, prior to the SNA Annual National Conference (ANC). If the proposed bylaws are approved by the HOD, a transition plan will begin immediately after ANC to implement the changes. The changes will take place over the next three years. 

There are thirteen open positions on the Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee for 2016-17. Recruitment is underway for all of them. However, there are three 2016-17 open positions on the Board of Directors that will be impacted in the transition plan, if the new governance structure is approved. These positions will transition in July 2016 at the completion of the current Board members’ terms:

  • Member Services Committee Chair and the Nutrition Committee Chair: These committee chairs will no longer be on the Board. Committee Chairs will be appointed by the President-elect and approved by the Board.
  • The State Agency Representative will no longer be on the Board. The chair will represent the state agency members on the new State Agency Advisory Council, be appointed by the President-elect and approved by the Board.

The transition plan for these three positions obviously cannot take effect until the proposed bylaw amendments are approved by the HOD in July. Therefore, the BOD has decided to put these positions on hold and withdraw them from the 2016-17 slate. 

Upon approval of the bylaws by the HOD at ANC, recruitment will begin for three new At Large Director positions on the SNA BOD. Potential candidates can self-nominate or be nominated and the Nominating Committee will reconvene in September to select candidates for these positions.  The candidates selected will be added to the 2016-17 slate. If the bylaw amendments are not approved by the HOD, the three BOD positions which were put on hold will be open for nominations in a similar process after ANC.

More information about the three At Large Director positions and the election process will be available after ANC. 

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