February 2020

School Nutrition: Big Tech & Big Innovations

Emerging technologies offer exciting opportunities for both our personal and professional endeavors. Today’s tech is continually evolving with the intent to make our lives a little easier, and it’s the topic for discussion in the February edition of School Nutrition.

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There is a smartphone app for just about everything and you can even link your smartphone to your toaster, refrigerator or dog’s collar. And today’s tech advances certainly trickle into the school nutrition realm, which can streamline processes, boost meal participation, create efficiency, pave the way for future innovations and so much more.

Thanks to your smartphone, you’ve probably placed an order for a sandwich, coffee or even your groceries. But did you ever think that mobile ordering could help boost school lunch participation? School nutrition directors across the country have implemented mobile ordering—for both secondary students and school staff to great success—and you can learn how they made implementation a boon for business.

And speaking of mobile phones, did you know the average smartphone user has over 35 apps on their phone? From mobile banking to books to fitness motivation to parking space reservations, there’s an app for that. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of near-50 smartphone apps that have genuine app-eal. But despite their usefulness and total-life integration, we have become increasingly reliant on our smartphones—but just how smart are they and how smart are we to continually rely on them? It may be time for our smart tech to take an IQ test.

February 2020 School Nutrition Cover

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