More Smartphone App-roaches to Explore: Better Business

Smartphone apps are slowly replacing our need for a home computer. (Do you think the office computer will become obsolete at some point, too?) In School Nutrition’s February 2020 issue, we served up more than 50 smartphone apps grouped in a number of categories, including wellness, finances, leisure time, home management and travel (“Is There an App for That?). Here are the many apps that can replace a computer—both in the professional and personal setting.

So. Many. Tools. Many of the apps described in this online article, as well as the complementary print piece, can be used toward business pursuits, whether you’re managing your time, goals, calendar or spelling! A few others SN’s crowdsourcing uncovered can also pull double duty for professional tasks as well as personal activities.

For example, we learned of several apps that turn your phone into a portable scanner, using your phone to create readable PDFs that you can send, store or both! Everyone has a favorite, check out CamScanner, Scannable and TinyScanner. Each has variations in features (and pricing).

For many, Dropbox has become the go-to file-sharing site. With an intuitive mobile application that syncs well with the computer and web browser applications, its popularity makes it a worthy rival to Google Docs. Whether you are recording a great presentation on a topic you want to reference later (or share with your cafeteria team) or creating an audio track to a promotional video about cool cafeteria offerings, consider Super Voice Recorder. It’s said to offer terrific sound quality and can create mp3 files. Design eye-catching social media posts, cards to give to team members on School Lunch Hero Day and flyers about the next Taste It Tuesday event using Canva, a graphic design app that is super simple to use. The “ultimate editing app,” it can also be used to create videos, collages and Instagram stories.

Finally, there is no shortage of private messenger apps—and everyone has their favorite. In addition to the SMS text app that comes standard with your phone’s data plan, you may be most familiar with Facebook’s Messenger app, but you may want to look into others for team-specific communiques, family conversations and other individual and group communications. Among your options are Signal, Slack, Viber and What’s App. Compare and contrast features and platforms and discuss with targeted recipients about what’s best for them.

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