October 2015

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October’s School Nutrition Helps Managers With Heavy Lifting

School is in full swing, and managers everywhere are busy running kitchens by ordering food, prepping meals and, unfortunately, dealing with all the headaches that come along with supervising a variety of personalities. It takes some heavy lifting to make sure that everyone gets along and the kitchen is operating smoothly. Luckily, SN is here to help.  

First, take a look at yourself with the help of Joann Robinett, SNS, in “Are You a Motivated Manager?” This article helps with the effort to create and maintain a healthy, happy work environment—beginning with your own managerial attributes. Do you encourage your employees do succeed? Do you maintain an open dialogue? Robinett goes through these and other questions, the answers to which can help ensure that the whole kitchen is happy and productive.  

Next, take a look at some of the most troublesome employees: the Negative Nancys and Donald Downers who float a cloudy sky over the entire operation. Learn more about how to manage all sorts of personality types in “ Turn Cloudy Coworkers into Sunny Staffers,” by writer Penny McLaren. With the help of personnel experts Bart Christian and Jeff Joiner, McLaren offers strategies on how to ward off these stormy skies. Bonus Web Content: Document, document, document! Find tips and resources for managing this paper trail; plus, learn more about top-ranked speakers Bart Christian and Jeff Joiner. 

Then, have a laugh with Editor Patty L. Fitzgerald’s “And You Think YOU Had a Bad Day?” Veteran school nutrition managers share the best of the worst in what they’ve had to deal with when it comes to personnel issues. Stories range from delivery driver “love” to employees that came in wearing slippers and curlers. Bonus Web Content: SN has more stories that didn’t quite fit in the personnel management, but are still worth a read. 

With such a multicultural industry as school nutrition, it’s no surprise that managers can encounter language barriers in the kitchen. In “How Do You Say…” Managing Editor Kelsey Casselbury talks to directors who have frequently come across this issue in their schools, and they offer top tips on how to jump over this hurdle. 

In this issue of SN, you can also find new ideas and products for your operation with the help of “Secret Shopper: Singular Sensations in Salt Lake.” At this year’s Annual National Conference, School Nutrition’s team of “Secret Shoppers” once again went undercover to bring us 30 can’t-miss items from top industry providers. Check it out to find the product that you might be missing. 

Finally, in this month’s Food Focus, “Got Your ‘Pizza’ the Pie?” writer Brent T. Frei takes a look at the history of pizza in America, and how restaurant trends are crossing over into school cafeterias. Don’t miss this, plus recipes for a Crispy Sausage Flatbread Pizza and Bruschetta Breakfast Pizza. Bonus Web Content: Get a recipe for Whole-Grain Pizza Dough in this month’s Bonus Web Content section of www.SchoolNutrition.org

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