April 2022

School Nutrition: The Food Issue

Every child’s food journey is different—but you have influence in the way your students approach their food journey. This month’s Food Issue of School Nutrition looks at all the creative ways encourage, influence and support students' in discovering their preferences.

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In This Issue

  • A School Lunch Trend Trifecta. Why are charcuterie, elote (aka Mexican street corn) and hot sauce are such a hit with students? These lunch trends are adaptable to meet your school’s needs/resources, plus they encourage adventurous eating.
  • Entice with Spice. Banish blandness from your cafeteria by using the flavors and aromas of global spices, which will help you create authentic, flavor-forward menu items that will pique students' curiosity.
  • Fantastic Food Photography. Ever prepare a meal that looked so good you wish you could just show it to the world? An experienced photographer shares his tips for capturing food in all its eye-catching glory.
  • Food Focus: The Enduring A-Peel of Citrus Fruits. Pucker up to promote the sweet-and-sour taste of citrus fruits among your students. There are all kinds of ways to enjoy oranges, grapefruit, tangerines and other citrus delights both as part of a meal or as a nutritious snack.
Cover of April 2022 issue of SN, entitled "The Food Issue." The word "Food" is spelled out with fruits and veggies

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