Read the June-July 2017 Issue of School Nutrition Magazine


Read SNA's June-July 2017 Issue of School Nutrition Magazine

We know you must be eager to get your hands on the June/July edition of School Nutrition. This year’s issue is so jam-packed with articles on #ANC17, the future of your operations (Who will lead them? Who will run them? Who should you choose?) and study tips (among other things), that size and scale alone has it running a bit behind schedule. If you can’t wait—and we don’t blame you—check out our digital edition and use your computer to get a jumpstart on finding Ruby Reader as you peruse our biggest. Issue. Ever!

  • Big D(ata) in the Big D(allas) Does your old technology system need some new tricks? Both small and large districts can learn from this example set by Dallas Independent School District.
    Bonus Web Content: Benefit from more than their example—use the tools created by Dallas as a template for your own update.
  • School Nutrition: Generation Next Plan for the future of your program by creating a bench of potential managers and utilize the structure we’ve created here to get started!
    Bonus Web Content:  Figure out both how you train and how you learn with these online extras.
  • Who Will Inherit Your School Nutrition Legacy The “R”-word might not be said between your staff, but retirement is as important to acknowledge, and as inevitable, as taxes. Click here to read about the realities of succession planning.   
  • Finding Your Next Leaders at Lunchtime Using student employees isn’t just smart; it’s getting a chance to find those new managers and successors in their infancy—literally! Read this article to see how other districts have benefited from their consumers.
    Bonus Web Content: Feeling inspired? Use these examples of student volunteer agreements to kick-off a program in your school or district.
  • The Young & the Restless Young leaders and innovation versus seasoned veterans and status quo. Do away with contradiction and focus more on collaboration with this article on finding common generational ground.
  • Be the Future Whether you’re a supervisor hoping to stock more credentialed staff or an employee looking to impress and achieve, the SNA Certificate in School Nutrition and School Nutrition Specialist (SNS) accreditations supply a healthy dose of professional growth. Learn about each, and the new level being added to our Certificate program.  
  • Management Material Don’t just search for the future of your program: Invest in it. Discover the boon a high-level professional development program can be for your menus, your employees and your own peace of mind. 
    Bonus Web Content: Review, in-depth, the manager development programs discussed in the article and decide which sounds like the best fit you’re your operation.
  • The Ripple Effect You got a snippet of the contributions made by SNF’s School Nutrition Heroes in the April issue earlier this year. Read this feature to get the finer points of dauntless dedication exhibited by 2017’s outstanding honorees.
  • My ANC Journal Can’t wait for #ANC17? In this feature, you don’t have to! Read the day-to-day record kept by cheery Cathy Teria of all the sights, sounds and wonders she encounters during the hottest school nutrition event of the year.
  • Warm Memories from a Cool Pioneer Past President Gertrude Applebaum reflects on the Association’s first conference, held in 1946.
  • ANC Behind the Scenes See YOUR suggestions at work: SNA’s CEO, Patricia Montague, CAE, dishes on assembling ANC and the registrant commentary that influences the process each year.
  • ANC in the ATL You’ve registered; your hotel room is booked; you’ve got your bags packed—but what, precisely, do you do once you get to Atlanta? Click here to see that, when it comes to Atlanta, there isn’t much you can’t do.
  • The ANC Exhibit Hall For many of you, the 200,000-sqare-foot Exhibit hall is the preeminent highlight each year at ANC. We have included content on pavilions, special sessions, director’s passes, in addition to a list of all attending vendors so that you can begin your ANC planning in earnest.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Culinary Edition With food fusion all the rage, get a look at unexpected pairings and trends to enliven your menus for next school year.  
    Bonus Web Content: This month’s Food Focus homed in on current flavor mash-ups. But which combinations will be on-trend in the future? Click here for a list of The Next Great Culinary Combos.
    Bonus Web Content: We had no many ideas of flavors to fuse that we ran out of room! Give this Bahn Mi Pizza recipe a try.
  • Welcome to the Club! A facet of school nutrition certainly involves teaching your student customers how to create healthy meals for themselves—or at least that’s the argument in this stealable idea feature from Staunton City, Virginia.
    Bonus Web Content: Have you been converted to the idea of starting your own Citizen Chefs program? Or are you just intrigued? View examples and resources from the curriculum at Staunton City Schools to pique your creativity.
  • Study Guide Work, family, engagement and education? Read how it can be done, successfully, with time to eat, too.
    Bonus Web Content: Additional advice and tips for balancing higher education with the other plates your juggling comprise this bonus content, including study prep for the SNS exam.

Also in this issue:
Learn how to keep your summer meals program marketable through to the new year and get some credit from the quiz in this month’s To Your Credit article. Managers, assistant managers and employees rejoice: Onsite Insights is back and we’re talking fresh produce. What’s Ruby Reading? It’s your job to find out! Discover where Ruby is hiding in this month’s issue.

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