Get Ready to Learn and Laugh at “The Winner in You” Targeted Session at ANC


SNA's 2017 Annual National Conference (ANC)

The following is the eight in a series of news stories exploring the exciting opportunities and events at ANC.

What Dave Weber would like you know, is that he considers himself not only a professional learning speaker but a humorist as well.

Scheduled to speak at the targeted session entitled, “The Winner in You,” at the Membership Employee/Manger Section Meeting at SNA’s Annual National Conference (ANC), Weber says he wants attendees to come expecting not only to learn, but have a really good time.

“This session is going to be very fun, very high energy, and very interactive with plenty of audience involvement,” said Weber, who serves as president and CEO of Weber Associates, Inc. “What I am going to do is bring great and powerful content that will really change people’s attitude, perceptions and behaviors but yet, share these truths in such a way, that folks will laugh while they learn these life-changing facts.

“If you can teach to the head, but illustrate to the heart – the funny bone if you will – that is just a really powerful combination of laughing and learning together. And that is what I am going to do with foodservice managers and employees in Atlanta.”

“The Winner in You” session, explains Weber, is all about the profound impact attitude and professionalism have not only on you but your entire school district’s nutrition program.

“The attitude that we bring to the job and the level of professionalism that we bring to the job, can truly set us apart,” stressed Weber, who recently spoke on April 21, at the Georgia School Nutrition Association’s Annual Conference at Jekyll Island. “Wouldn’t it be cool to work at a school district, whose program is known for having some of the highest quality people that you could find? You can, when you choose to have an amazing attitude, regardless of how you feel or regardless of what kind of week or month you’ve had.

“Attitude and professionalism are two things that can make a huge difference and help find the winner in you. It’s in your power to choose how you are going to act and behave today, regardless of the path that life has taken you to this point.”

To help you find and embrace that attitude and level of professionalism, Weber will conduct a series of highly interactive sessions focusing on: who is the customer, the top 14 characteristics of professionals, first impressions, practice makes permanent (not perfect), excellence - an act or a habit, the power of the tongue, the number one secret of professionals, the six most powerful words in the English language and the key trait all winners possess.

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“What I hope attendees come away with in this session is a specific game plan to help them lead their colleagues to identify what excellence in the workplace is and what it is not,” say Weber. “That means getting everyone on the team to intentionally strive for excellence and then, how to correct behaviors and attitudes when people get off course.”

Concludes Weber, “I just would like folks attending this session to know that this is going to be engaging and potentially lifechanging for them and their foodservice teams. And when they leave say, ‘that old Dave Weber, he was very funny.’”

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