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Aprons are just capes that are worn in the front.

In the last few months, school nutrition professionals stepped up to the enormous challenge of continuing to provide a hunger safety net by operating emergency feeding sites at schools and other locations across the country. The stories that have come out of this intense labor of love have run the gamut of emotions, but what they all have in common is the deep devotion school nutrition professionals have to their students. Each day, they prove they are deserving of the title “hero.”

As the pandemic continues to halt “normal” life, in its May issue, School Nutrition took a deep dive into how these heroes have adapted and overcome surmounting challenges. It took a few weeks for emergency feeding operations to start operating smoothly and safely, because there were so many unforeseen challenges—many of which were unique to these last-minute operations from food refrigeration to meal packaging. But through crowdsourcing, teamwork and creativity, solutions were found. (And these solutions did involve a few unicorns and sharks.) And through all of these valuable, unforeseen lessons, school foodservice teams are now better prepared to handle a future crisis scenario.

While many staff volunteered to work emergency operations, some staff were unable to or chose not to. To keep these staff members engaged and learning, while not directly in the building, directors are implementing creative methods of digital meetings, online trainings, videos and much more.

The next school year is right around the corner and the “normalcy” it could bring is inviting and a welcome comfort. As you brainstorm creative ways to boost your program for the next school year, it may be time to contemplate your condiment offerings and selection. Yes, that’s right—while ketchup and mayonnaise are a must in school meals, flavor-packed and diverse condiments can elevate and transform meals. Gain some inspired recipes to add to your repertoire and learn some must-know condiments that are emerging in the food world.

During this unprecedented and difficult time, School Nutrition is dedicated to bringing you accurate information and resources to help you, your staff and your program. In addition to the great monthly content in the print edition, SN is bringing you exclusive digital articles that cover a wide range of topics pertaining to the pandemic—with the first being on employee safety and the second discusses budding community partnerships. While there is no playbook on how to handle a pandemic, by working together we can ensure no child loses access to healthy meals. And stay tuned for the jam-packed June/July edition!

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