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SY2019-20 will go down in the history books as an incredibly interesting school year. With the abrupt disruption, closures and cancellations that the COVID-19 pandemic brought, students of all grade levels felt the effects, from toddlers to graduating seniors. How each age group was affected is also dependent on many variables including socioeconomic status, race, citizenship, special needs and more.

Because of the pandemic, kids today are facing unprecedented challenges and many education and child development experts are wondering what the long-term impact will be. To help get a better understanding of the barriers children and teens now face, School Nutrition took a deep dive into what childhood looks like in a COVID-19 landscape.

These uncertain times are anxiety inducing for all children— and adults! But with the right guidance, children can learn how to overcome this unprecedented situation to build resilience and be future heroes. Whether you have a toddler, elementary school student, tween or graduating senior at home (or have one in your life), they have all been greatly affected by school closures and event cancellations. With the right tools, you can answer their questions and ensure they have support—both educationally and emotionally. Children with special needs and children in foster care (and their supporting families) have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. However, there are ways to support these children to ensure they do not fall behind and retain the care they need.

The June/July edition is also bursting with additional informative articles. Originally scheduled for the May 2020 issue, plant-based foods and plant-forward diets have increased in popularity—you may even have some plant-based eaters in your schools! But what does one exactly eat if following a plant-forward lifestyle, and why have these meatless lifestyles become so popular? Read up on what exactly it means to be “plant forward” and learn  how recent technological advances have made it easier for people to eat less meat.

Simply put: Do you have the right protocols in place to handle a food recall? Do you know where to hear about recalls, how to handle the recalled food, work with media and understand the different classifications? Test your knowledge and ensure you have the right emergency protocols established.

From USDA Foods recalls, to coping with anxiety, to edible plant parts, to the Spanish Flu pandemic, we are bursting with additional digital content to help you further your knowledge and advance your personal and professional growth. Be sure to read up on all these articles with SN’s Bonus Web Content. (And view the archives of other supplemental items!)

Now more than ever, you need accurate, relevant, inspiring content and ideas to help you readjust your programs, plan for the next school year and be a strong ally to your community’s children. The June/July 2020 edition of School Nutrition is here to help with just that. Read it today!

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